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All Energy has one source

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com As you walk through your daily experience, are you aware of the foundation and the reference point for the perceptions
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      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...

      As you walk through your daily experience, are you aware of the
      foundation and the reference point for the perceptions and observations
      you make about your created environment?  Are you aware of the breadth
      of perspective that you may have in certain observations and the narrow
      perspective you may have in other observations? 

      We talk often about how all movement of creative energy and involvement
      as a conscious entity within that creative energy is a matter of
      consciousness and perspective.  There is always a reference point to all
      creation.  There is always a reference point to all that is observed,
      where there is interaction, where there is involvement with the created
      environment.  The only question is, what is the reference point?  What
      is the foundation from which the observation and interpretation of that
      which you are involved with is based upon?

      Perspective, what an interesting concept, for it is truly a
      three-dimensional concept until transcendence beyond the
      three-dimensional becomes a living reality and the perspective stretches
      across the infinite horizon of the eternal nature of all creation.

      There is a tendency within the embodied experience to want to hold onto
      the created experience.  A perspective then is created that brings the
      focus of one’s experience, and the potential for knowing the truth in
      the moment of that particular experience, into a rather narrow slot of
      observation.  The perspective from which the event or interaction is
      observed is very limited.

      Consider the extent to which your perceptions of that which is occurring
      are indeed limited.  The
      perspective needs to be stretched, needs to be expanded, and how does
      this happen?  It happens
      through the process of what we refer to as awakening.  It happens
      through the process of study, of listening, of observing, of asking what
      lies beyond.  It happens by asking how all that is observed fits into
      the greater picture of creation.

      Have you noticed these questions and other similar questions bubbling to
      the surface of your awareness from time to time?  Of course you have for
      this is the process of walking the pathway of awakening, though it is
      not always a conscious statement of being or conscious expression.  We
      are suggesting that as you walk through your daily experience, become
      aware, become very conscious of your interaction with all aspects of
      that which you experience.  Be aware of the perspective or the
      foundation from which observations are being made.  Are you limiting the
      possibility by judging the event or the interaction that you are
      involved with?  Is your perception limited because of certain
      experiences or conditions of belief systems that have been impounded
      upon your mental and emotional patterns?  What is the perspective from
      which you are observing your moment by moment movement through the
      created experience?

      We suggest that as you become attuned to the greater reality of
      recognizing and knowing that you are indeed an embodied soul walking the
      pathway of experiencing creation, and as you recognize that as an
      embodied soul you are the Consciousness of Creation moving through and
      experiencing the created environment, you begin to expand your
      observations.  You see in a new light.  The perspective expands
      exponentially and you begin to see how all is connected; how all is
      one.  You begin to see how each individualized expression of creation is
      an intentional activity.  And, you begin to see how each relationship
      has within the context of the relationship the seed of expanding into
      being a transformation of that which is the limited perspective into
      that which is the eternal and infinite perspective of being the Love and
      Light you are as a soul.

      Be aware; be open to the possibilities of what is occurring at each
      moment.  Go within and connect with that which is the eternal statement
      of who you truly are as a soul.  Let the perspective be one from the
      reality of soul consciousness knowing that all is connected and all is
      one.  Let the foundation be that of the Truth of who you are, expressing
      the Love you are, the Light you are, walking through each and every
      experience in total harmony and balance, walking in the Light being the
      Truth of who you are as a soul.

      As you move through each moment of existence, do you recognize, do you
      know, do you feel the flow of energy?  The term, energy, is used in a
      variety of ways for it labels that which is the movement of that which
      is unseen, but then manifests in a variety of ways within your earthly
      experience.  There is the energy that is seen when you turn on the light
      bulb.  There is the energy that is felt when you stand in front of a
      fire.  It is called heat.  There is the energy that comes from the sun.
      There is the energy that flows from the sounds around you.  There is
      energy everywhere.

      This is of course the focus of science, the focus of investigation and
      of attempting to understand the flow of energy from the microcosm to the
      macrocosm.  So as you walk through your embodied experience, do you
      recognize the energy that you are as a soul and how that interrelates
      with all of the energy patterns that are being observed?

      There is of course only one Source of all energy.  It is much like water
      flowing down a river and then coming to a dam.  The source, the river,
      and that source from which the water in the river came is restricted for
      a moment by this dam.  As the water flows through the dam, there is
      resistance.  And as there is resistance, that flow of potential energy
      is converted into the movement of the energy of creation.  As the energy
      of creation moves out, it called electricity.  As it moves through a
      variety of paths, it constructs, it builds, it amplifies, and eventually
      the light bulb is turned on.

      It is through the resistance to the flow of creative energy that
      manifestation takes place for if there were no resistance, there would
      then not be the resultant, concrete examples of that which is the flow
      of energy.

      So know that as the energy of creation is moving in and through that
      which is the three-dimensional experience, there is resistance.  There
      is then the formation of different patterns and form and substance.  And
      as these patterns then emerge, it is called creation.  It is called the
      creative experience.  It is also known that these patterns of creation
      of form and substance eventually merge back with the flow of infinite
      energy.  For nothing within the three-dimensional experience is
      permanent.  It is all in motion, energy flowing in and through and
      siphoned back to merge with the source of all energy.

      So as you move consciously through this experience, do you feel that
      flow of energy within that who you really are as a soul - the energy of
      the Consciousness of Creation?  For, you see, this is the flow of the
      pure energy of creation that knows, that observes, that interacts, that
      is both the Source as well as the result.  For it is only through the
      flow of the Consciousness of Creation that creation is truly known.  And
      this flow of consciousness flows through who you are as a soul.  You are
      the Consciousness of Creation in motion and as this is felt, as it is
      experienced, and as it is known, all that is created, all energy flow
      that is from the one Source of all is seen, is known, and experienced
      for exactly what it is.

      The consciousness of the soul is the eternal statement of the
      Consciousness of Creation.  The energy flow within the created world is
      the out-picturing of that consciousness and is that flow of energy that
      moves out, is part of the creative experience, and then cycles back
      through knowing that truth of that flow of energy.  The only permanence
      in the creative pattern is that which is the Consciousness of creation.

      Know that that is who you are, the Consciousness of Creation in motion.
      Feel, experience, observe, and know the patterns of the flow of the
      energy of creation throughout all that you experience in your earthly
      sojourn.  Know that the Consciousness of Creation is the foundation, is
      the source, and is the consciousness of the soul in motion.  That is who
      you are.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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