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The Crystal Skull Mystery

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    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com THE CRYSTAL SKULL MYSTERY What Are They? Where Did They Originate? What is Their Effect On Mankind? Did Extraterrestrials
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      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...

      What Are They? Where Did They
      Originate? What is Their Effect On
      Mankind? Did Extraterrestrials
      Bring Them To Earth?
      Are They From Atlantis Or


      By Joshua Shapiro

      Crystal skulls are considered to be one of the world mysteries. In the late
      1800's a number of artifacts in the shape and size (close to or larger) of
      a human-type skull, made from various types of quartz crystals began to
      appear near Mayan ruins in Mexico.

      Two types of crystal skulls exist, old or very old (ancient) crystal skulls
      that are being uncovered in unusual ways, with the story of each skull a
      fascinating journey in its own right, and the contemporary skulls being
      carved today. Most of the old crystal skulls have been uncovered near
      ancient ruins in Mexico or Central America, and now in other parts of the
      world (South America, Russia, Europe, etc.) There is no definite method to
      accurately date a quartz artifact, so controversy exists about which skulls
      are the ancient or original ones.

      From a parapsychological perspective, when people (or sensitives) have
      worked with these purported ancient skulls they have found an incredible
      energy connected to these artifacts or they witness some type of strange
      psychic phenomena.

      The list of crystal skulls below are human size or larger skulls which are
      publicly known and have been found by sensitives or researchers to be quite

      The famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull--human size and shaped, clear
      quartz skull. ll.7 lb, two pieces with a separate jaw, discovered in Belize
      in 1924 in the ruins of a Mayan City by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. The skull is
      an almost absolute copy of our own human skull except it is circular in the
      temples and has a handle-like form in the cheekbones.

      "MAX"- the Texas Crystal Skull - one piece, single clear quartz. 18 lb.,
      held by Parks of Houston, Texas, who received the skull from a Tibetan
      trained healer, who had received it from the local people in Guatemala. MAX
      tours the U.S. now and has participated in a number of Native American

      The "British" Crystal Skull - a single piece clear quartz skull, held in
      the British Museum of Man, in London since 1898, purportedly found or
      bought by a soldier of fortune in Mexico in the late 1880's. The skull is
      more cloudy than the Mitchell-Hedges and its facial features appear not to
      be finished.

      The "Paris" Crystal Skull - a single piece of clear quartz, held in the
      Trocadero Museum in Paris, also allegedly from a soldier of fortune in
      Mexico in the late 1880's. Has a hole cut from top to bottom, purported to
      hold a Christian cross. Has the most primitive of facial features and
      design within this list.

      The "Amethyst" Crystal Skull - a single piece of amethyst crystal
      discovered in a Mayan cache of artifacts in Mexico by a Mayan Brotherhood
      in the early 1900's. Purportedly sold recently to a bank in Japan. Distinct
      features are the circular indentations in the temple and a white squiggly
      line that goes the circumference of the skull.

      The "Mayan" Crystal Skull - a single piece of clear quartz, found in
      Guatemala in 1912, similar in shape and design to the Amethyst Crystal
      Skull. Current whereabouts unknown.

      The "Rose Quartz" Crystal Skull - seen by F.R. "Nick" Nocerino in the late
      1940's, near the border of Guatemala and Honduras. He describes it as an
      exact copy of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, slightly larger with a detachable

      "ET" - a smoky quartz single piece skull, discovered on the property of a
      Mayan family in Guatemala in the early 1900's which has a slightly pointed
      head and the teeth have an overbite. Joke Van Dieten, caretaker. Picture
      shown above in this article.

      A Crystal Skull has been reported in Peru, clear quartz with blue in the
      eyes and blue seen on top of the head...currently held by a primitive tribe
      in the northern part of Peru.

      The Smithsonian Institute recently received a 30 lb. clear quartz crystal
      skull allegedly from an anonymous source. Size of skull very large and it
      is hollow on the inside. It could fit over a person's head.

      I have been involved with crystal skulls since 1981 when I saw the amethyst
      crystal skull mentioned above. I know deep within me that I have worked
      with the Crystal Skulls in former times and that somehow I have volunteered
      to assist in the process of bringing them together.

      When Joke (pronounced "Yo-ka" - she is Dutch) came to pickup "ET" in Los
      Angeles in 1991 I happened to be there doing a crystal skull lecture and
      was invited to view the skull with her. When Joke first saw this smokey
      quartz skull she knew the name was "ET". This skull does not completely
      resemble our own human skull as it is the only skull with an overbite and
      its head is slightly pointed.

      "ET" produces the same type of reaction and experience I have seen with
      other crystal skulls, resulting in people feeling a tingling sensation,
      some form of healing energy, clarity of thought and an expansion of
      awareness of one's inner gifts, visions, having profound dreams, etc. Joke
      has a vision of obtaining 12 different skulls.

      Crystal skulls represent to me a visible sign of an incredible
      transformation that is happening in our world. The Crystal Skulls are the
      return of the ancients knowledge and wisdom.

      Based upon a parapsychological analysis of these Crystal Skulls, the
      following theories have been proposed: It is believed that the Crystal
      Skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration
      that occur in their presence. The skull can and will, at times, (unknown
      and unscheduled) pictorially replay events or images of the people who have
      come into contact with them (i.e., they contain the history of our world).
      Just as our modern computers can receive or send information to other
      computers all over the world (like the Internet), so too can the Crystal
      Skulls send information amongst themselves. It is thought, as the ancient
      legends describe, that the Crystal Skulls can and have been used for
      healing. They have played a key role in many ancient cultures who saw the
      skull as the Godhead. A very strong link with extraterrestrials has been
      found and it is felt that beings not from our world either brought these
      skulls to Earth for some purpose or presented to us the techniques to
      fashion them. It is suggested that the holographic images of UFO's and
      aliens that are displayed in various ancient crystal skulls and have been
      observed by different researchers and sensitives adds supports to such a
      theory. If the Crystal Skulls were not brought by extraterrestrials then we
      must conclude there have certainly been civilizations much more
      technologically or spiritually advanced than our own today. Spiritual
      channels have suggested that the skulls were created in Atlantis or
      Lemuria, or that the skulls could have been originally human-bone skulls
      that were changed to crystal through the power of the mind. It is also
      suggested that the skulls are connected to people who live in the Inner
      Earth. Supposedly, according to this latter theory, 13 master Crystal
      Skulls hold the genetic coding of 12 Inner Earth tribes and the 13th or
      central skull represents the family of these tribes. Whether the Crystal
      Skulls are gifts of the gods or a communication device with them, or were
      made by more advanced civilizations than our own...there is a mystery here
      to uncover. Since holographic images of UFO's and ET's have been recorded
      appearing within various crystal skulls from the research done, perhaps the
      truth about UFO's, where they come from and why they are visiting us will
      also be revealed. In the meantime the investigation continues.

      Joshua Shapiro is an Aquarian Age Networker, author and speaker about
      UFO's, Crystal Skulls and Peru. He is the co-founder with his wife Vera
      Shapiro of V.J. Enterprises. If you would like to experience the "ET"
      Crystal Skull or participate in the Crystal Skull Event offered by Joke,
      Vera and Joshua, please contact Joshua online at his email address at
      rshapiro@.... Joshua welcomes any information related to UFO's
      which might add new insights on the subject. The Shapiros also invite you
      to visit them at their Internet Web Site at http://www.execpc.com/vjentpr/
      where they share a great deal of information about UFO's and other New Age

      826-8 (Q) What great change or the beginning of what change, if any,
      is  to  take place in the earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.? (A) When
      there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins. - The Atlantean
      records should be opened by former Atlanteans. - Tablets. For, remember
      there are thirty two of these plates!
      As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who
      have named the name - and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His
      election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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