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Going all the way

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com We come into your presence at this very moment carrying the banner of oneness. How often have we spoken of the
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      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...

      We come into your presence at this very moment carrying the banner of
      oneness. How often have we spoken of the consciousness of oneness?  It
      is time to move the awareness of the consciousness of oneness from that
      of external perception and consideration to one of inner knowing, inner
      complete and unreserved identification.  It is time to move the
      awareness of oneness into the totally consuming reality of your

      You intuitively know that you are connected as a packet of soul energy
      with all other points of consciousness or packets of soul energy, and
      beyond that, connected to the infinite flow of the creative energy of
      the universe.  You know this to be so on some level of awareness.  It is
      time to bring that inner awareness to an all-inclusive statement and
      expression of being that permeates and exemplifies all that you are, all
      that you say, all that you think, all that you do.

      It is time to go all the way.  What does that mean – to go all the way?
      It means that there can no longer be reservations or intellectual
      perusing of philosophical concepts.  It means that it is time to walk in
      the living way, the full embodiment of the statement of who you are as a

      It is not a time for any equivocation, justification, or analysis of who
      or what or why things are the way they are.  It is a time to simply live
      fully that which you know you are, to live the Love that you are, to
      know the oneness that you are with all creation, to be that oneness
      every moment of existence.  For you see, you are already that which you
      are becoming aware of. There is nothing missing.  There is nothing
      lacking.  You are the consciousness of oneness.  You are already the
      consciousness of oneness.  It is time to set aside all mental,
      emotional, and intellectual and physical ramifications, justifications,
      or points of resistance within the outer realm. It is time to simply be
      who you are. 

      Feel the unifying consciousness of all creation permeating every cell of
      your awareness, every atom of your expression.  Feel and be the totality
      of that expression of oneness.  There can be no more back sliding, no
      more justification for taking side trips.  There can be no more
      resistance or procrastination.  The movement of energy throughout the
      universe is demanding that there be a unifying presence within the
      awakened and awakening souls.  You have been called.  Are you
      listening?  You have been called.  Are you following that inner
      guidance?  You have been called to be the totality of who you are.
      Release and let go all that would restrain that total and complete
      presentation of who you are as you know the consciousness of oneness and
      are in every moment of existence, the consciousness of oneness. 

      You are I AM, the Love, Light, and Life of creation.  All is one. 

      There is always a process unfolding of creative energy moving in and
      through omni-dimensional existence.  The process of creation manifests
      in rather concrete form and substance in the three-dimensional
      environment in which you are currently embodied.  There is as part of
      this manifesting process, an awareness and often a rather dramatic
      identity with that which is created.  We call this attachment.  It is
      also expectation; it is also the desire of the emotions, of the mind,
      and of the physical to absorb and to experience that which is created.

      We would offer that the process of identifying with that which is
      created is an integral and important part of that process of awakening
      and remembering who you truly are as a soul.  For it is through looking
      at the concrete and limited aspects of creation that the question is
      then triggered as to where did this come from?  How did this occur?
      What is the source of this aspect of the created environment I am

      So you see, it is all part of the same process.  There is no
      separation.  Oneness is oneness.  It cannot be anything else.  So the
      process is one of reflecting upon that which is observed in the created
      process and then moving to a greater realm of understanding, an
      omni-dimensional realm of understanding where the vision is expanded and
      the possibilities are seen to be infinite in terms of that which can be

      There is a parallel perception that is part of this process formulated
      around the teaching that has been offered that, as you move through the
      created experience, your needs will always be met.  There is a
      difference in perception as to what are desires and ‘wants’ of the
      physical embodiment and that which are truly the needs.  When there is a
      desire to have, when there is a desire to fulfill a perceived need, when
      there is an attachment to the necessity for having or acquiring certain
      aspects of the created environment, do you see how this then provides a
      limiting boundary on what the possibilities truly are? 

      When the mind conceives of certain acquisitions or certain desires and
      works toward those desires, certainly this can occur, for is not
      creation always in motion?  However, when this is the process, it is
      rather focused.  It is rather limited and it is fulfilling an
      externalized hunger or desire from the mental, emotional, or physical
      realm rather than acknowledging that whatever is necessary for the flow
      of energy of creation, whatever is necessary for the magnification of
      the consciousness of the soul you are, whatever is needed to fulfill the
      destiny path that you are walking will always be provided. 

      It has nothing to do with quantity.  It has nothing to do with
      location.  It has nothing to do with the forecasting of certain trends
      or relationships.  The process is one of acknowledging first that there
      is a clarity of intention of fulfilling one’s destiny path for the
      current embodiment.  Then there is an understanding that the process of
      creative energy flowing from that intention will motivate the
      utilization of the tools of creation to fulfill that intention.  And
      then through the application of that which is provided as the avenue for
      fulfilling the motivation, that application automatically and completely
      fulfills all needs of the process to fulfill the destiny of the one
      moving through the creative process.

      Consider what is being offered and reflect on the difference between
      fulfilling one’s needs which will always be met, and creating the
      limited boundaries of searching for and working to fulfill desires and
      wants that emanate from the physical, emotional, and mental attachments
      to created patterns and created form and substance.

      Your needs will always be met and that which is needed to fulfill your
      destiny path and support your movement along the pathway of creation
      will always be available, and will magnify the movement of awakening to
      the full reality of who you are as a soul.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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