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Re: [Unity_Games] SR: Lobster Trap III

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  • Pitt Crandlemire
    ... Another dissenting opinion. After only one play, I m not yet ready to give Kanaloa a thumbs up but my initial impression was favorable. I think that
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      At 09:11 PM 12/3/01 EST, AndAgainMA@... wrote:
      >Kanaloa: Ingeneous combination of mechanisms, but that's not the same thing
      >as a good game.

      Another dissenting opinion. After only one play, I'm not yet ready to give
      Kanaloa a thumbs up but my initial impression was favorable. I think that
      Andrew's enjoyment of the game was (understandably) diminished by the fact
      that he (and Matthew) were forced to skip about a half dozen turns, nearly
      in a row. This had the net effect of breaking up the flow of the game for
      them, as well as eliminating any chance of a victory. I know Andrew is
      aware that this might have affected his opinion and I'm sure he's tried to
      account for it but I don't see how anyone could reasonably do so (I'm sure
      I couldn't if it had been me).

      Also, just so no one thinks that extreme loss of turns is a normal affect
      of the game, let me explain. One of the God powers (Pele) is activated
      when every 2nd volcano tile is drawn from the resource tile bag (10 out of
      abnout 100). When that happens, the player currently controlling Pele
      immediately becomes the active player, with all other intervening players
      getting skipped over. Then, the Pele God player places a volcano on a
      vacant island, which has the effect of causing players with a pawn adjacent
      to that island to lose their next turn, too. This is likely to affect
      almost all players, as the central islands are adjacent to most of the
      perimeter islands. The only safe player is the player holding the
      Protection from Pele card, since that makes him immune. At that point, the
      Pele player takes a normal full turn, followed by the Protection from Pele
      player, followed by the Pele player again. Then, the volcano is removed
      and play returns to normal.

      In our game at LT, we drew only 1 volcano tile in the first 40-50 tiles.
      Then, when we did draw the second one, we seemed to draw another two every
      2-3 turns. Since I was Pele and Kurt, sitting imediately to my right, was
      Protected from Pele, this meant that Pele kept getting activated before
      play ever returned to normal. Play would go something like this:

      Pitt: as Pele place volcano where it hoses Andrew and Matthew, move a pawn
      and draw a tile, "Oh look! It's a volcano..."

      Kurt: move a pawn and draw a tile

      Pitt: move a pawn and draw a tile

      Kurt: move a pawn and draw a tile, "Oh look! It's a volcano...", back to
      Pitt again

      Lather, rinse, repeat.

      The important points here are a) we would not have been drawing so many
      volcano tiles in a row if we hadn't managed to increase the odds so much by
      our earlier (highly anomalous) draws and b) even given that possibility of
      that occassionally happening either Andrew or Matthew (or both) would still
      have had turns if only Kurt, holding Protection from Pele, hadn't been
      sitting immediately to my right. Normally, other players would get a
      chance to take a turn, which would allow them to steal the Pele card or the
      Protection from Pele card. In my opinion, the "problem" was simply due to
      series of events that are highly unlikely to occur in most games.

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