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Lobster Trap 3 Friday

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  • Matthew Gray
    I was able to attend Lobster Trap on Friday, and had an outstanding game filled day. I played a total of 23 games, setting a record for games played in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
      I was able to attend Lobster Trap on Friday, and had an outstanding
      game filled day. I played a total of 23 games, setting a record for
      games played in a single day (beating out 18 games on the Friday of
      LT2). Fourteen different games were played, half of which were new to

      So, what I played:

      Electronic Catchphrase (x5): In my opinion, one of the best in this
      genre of "free form clues to get your teammates to say the word"

      Call my Bluff (x3): Steffan hustled us good after saying how he always
      does so poorly at this game and proceeded to beat us all in the first
      game. The impressive moment of the game came when 19 out of about 25
      dice were 3's.

      Crokinole (x3): I remain bad at this. Hopefully, I'll have my own set
      soon so that I can practice some. Lots of fun, as always.

      Loopin' Louie (x2): Not my best performance at protecting my chickens.
      Scott and Craig won one each, leaving Pat and my chickens in sad
      shape. I think we need some sort of standardized vocabulary for
      describing varying LL paramters. Scott's set was very "low-riding",
      and a little less "bouncy" than usual, along with a few other
      differences I can't quite articulate.

      Favoriten: Cool racing game with some similarities to Royal Turf. As
      in Royal Turf, each player is betting on a common set of horses. On a
      players turn, they roll the die repeatedly, each time deciding which
      of several horses to move until all the horses have been moved. Play
      passes, more betting, more rolling. Pat slaughtered me, Craig, and

      Hick Hack in Gacklewack: This was a good game with the wrong rules,
      and is substantially better with the right rules. We played with the
      rule about chickens in your hand being worth points at the end. I
      decided to try a "collect chickens" strategy without much success.
      Richard collected chickens and corn and won.

      Showmanager: This was the last game of the evening with a full
      contingent of 6. Early on, I decided to focus on the performances in
      the undervalued cities which everyone else fought over King Lear in
      the top city. To further assist me, the only other person who seemed
      to be going after the same shows at me at the same time was Steffan,
      who was on my left. In the end, my strategy proved quite successful.

      Code-X: This attractive wooden game from M+A Spiele is hard to
      describe. Wooden blocks, dowels and sticks combine to create a
      movable shape/trellis and the goal is to add dowels/sticks. When a
      player is unable to do so, they are eliminated, and usually others are
      soon to follow. The last successful placement wins. I liked this a

      Astromagie: Another M+A Spiele game, this one less successful with me
      than Code-X. This is a strange little card game with a
      zodiac/astronomy theme. It seemed way too luck of the draw driven.
      I'm not sure it's worth the effort to describe, so unless someone is
      really interested, I won't.

      Gnumies: Apparently this new Amigo game is a rework of the Asterix
      card game. Players blindly bid on valuable cards which are more
      valuable in sets. I liked the art, but the game was only so-so. I'll
      play again before I buy.

      Kanaloa: Another connected-islands game from the inventor of Kahuna.
      It's got special powers, some clever scoring mechanics, a nice core
      mechanism and a lot to recommend it, but it didn't gel for me. Plus,
      Andrew and I got nailed hard by the tile draw near the end of the
      game, losing several turns in sequence. Despite this, my main gripe
      is that it wasn't a lot of "fun" despite some very good mechanics.
      Worth a try, but I'm not jumping to play again.

      Olympia 2000: An old Steffan Dorra game Andrew had brought, which
      unsurprisingly uses blind bidding with athletes competing at various
      events. I wasn't as impressed as I am with many of Steffan Dorra's
      other designs, but will give it another try sometime.

      Paradox (4 player): I tend to like blind bidding games, so it's
      unsurprising I enjoyed this one. It could really benefit from an
      index card sized summary of the various placements. First place gets
      10 minus their bid points, second loses their bid, third gets double
      their bid. Not hard to remember, but a card would be nice. Very
      cool, and I got a little bit of luck and a little bit of cleverness to
      give me a come from behind victory in the end.

      Vabanque: Well, for a game that I've heard universally panned, I
      thought it was fine. Actually, I liked it somewhat. This is a
      Faidutti/Colovini blind bidding/bluffing game where you are affecting
      payouts and risks at various gambling tables. I felt like I tried a
      particular strategy and was quite successful with it. It's possible
      it was luck, but I enjoyed it. However, given Ricardo, Pitt and Kurts
      opinions, I may be the only one out there. The components are great,
      in any case. Maybe I'll be able to pick up a copy cheap given the
      prevailing opinion :-)

      What a good day! Thanks to Dave for organizing it!

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