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Re: B2O(Partial) (WAS:) Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Any action at B2O last night?

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  • David Fontes
    ... This was between Greg, Scott, Terry and me, and was one of the closest Torres games I d ever played. I was the only one who had played the game before
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
      > I arrived to find a game of Torres happening, I
      > unfortunately have no details on this one,

      This was between Greg, Scott, Terry and me, and was one of the closest
      Torres games I'd ever played. I was the only one who had played the game
      before (except perhaps Terry had played once?), so I must have done a good
      job explaining the rules since everyone did well. Either that or I just
      I did jump out to an early lead with King's bonuses in each of the first
      two scoring rounds, plus at least a piece of almost every castle on the
      board. There were two massive castles being built up along two sides. I
      believe they ended up being seven and eight blocks wide, respectively,
      although I don't think they ever reached their full potential in height.
      Scott, trailing at the beginning of the third round, shrewdly placed the
      king in a tiny castle where he already had a knight on the third level. He
      then built up the castle next to it, preventing any further development of
      the king's castle, and virtually guaranteeing that he would be the only
      player to receive the king's bonus in the final round.
      When it came time for the final scoring, Scott scored first, ending in the
      160s somewhere. Then I scored, jumping into first with around 180 I believe.
      Terry came next, falling just short in the mid-170s. Then Greg scored and
      got exactly the same score I did. In Torres, there are no ties - the last
      person to score moves ahead to the next available space, landing Greg in
      first place. But wait, Scott still had his king's bonus to add on, which
      landed him, also, exactly on the same score as me! So he moved ahead one,
      which is where Greg was, and then one more, for the win!
      A good solid game that I hadn't played in a while.

      My take on Draco & Co. - yep, definitley chaotic! Much like Guillotine,
      there's really no point in trying to develop a strategy of any kind, because
      the layout changes enough between turns to spoil any plans you've made. The
      choice of which card to play on your turn is sometimes obvious, although
      more often than not (at least for me in that one playing), there's not much
      you can do to improve your own position, so the choice is to decide who are
      you going to screw and who are you going to help.
      That said, I think the game is fun! I am fairly confident that it will be
      well-received by the folks I game with, who are not heavy "gamers." It will
      definitely be played on New Year's Eve (and the "toasts" will be more
      realistic)! I also think it might be less chaotic with fewer people. With
      only three it might be downright strategic! I look forward to playing it
      again. Definitely worth the purchase price for me!

      David Fontes http://www.mmiusa.com/ookpik/
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