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Gathering of Family (Thanksgiving gaming)

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  • Matthew Gray
    I m pleased to report I just spent the entire holiday weekend eating, talking, and playing games with my family out in Kansas. As usual on these sorts of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2001
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      I'm pleased to report I just spent the entire holiday weekend eating,
      talking, and playing games with my family out in Kansas.

      As usual on these sorts of trips, I brought a bag full of games. On
      Thanksgiving morning, family started arriving at the farm. My cousin
      had brought the game "Skip-Bo" but had left the rules at home. We
      played with the rules from her memory, which turned out to be wrong,
      but despite this it wasn't a horrible game.

      I asked if people were interested in trying Zirkus Flohcati, and my
      brother and two of my cousins joined in. This was a great success,
      and for the 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th) game my aunt joined us. Despite
      claims I've seen elsewhere, just getting the Gala Show is not
      sufficient to win this game, as I seem to prove repeatedly. After a
      total of four games of ZF, my uncle Steve asked if anyone wanted to
      play "Golf", a light memory game using normal cards. I wasn't too
      impressed, though it ad more strategy than I initially perceived.
      Still, it involved a lot of luck though.

      On Friday, my brother asked me if I had brought any two player games,
      and I brought out Battle Line. It was a very close game (I'm rather
      bad at Battle Line, in general) despite him being a beginner. Near
      the end, I dealt a seemingly fatal blow with the "Traitor" card, which
      rather agitated my brother, but I knew it wasn't over yet, and
      encouraged him to play it out, and he ended up having one of the 2 or
      3 cards which were necassary to stop me, and he won. We played again
      and I got an outstanding draw and nearly won after playing only ten
      cards, but was stopped, but eventually prevailed anyway. Following
      this, Victoria, an 8-year-old child of my cousin's fiancee' (got
      that?) wanted to play a game, and I suggested Mamma Mia!. Wow, this
      was a hit. Despite the box claiming "Ages 10 and up", she handled it
      more than fine. She rapidly grasped the strategy, and was eager to
      play it again, and won handily in one of our three games. My aunt,
      who is very involed in theatre and a big fan of old movies wanted to
      try Traumfabrik. Despite the 12 and up label, Victoria gave it a try,
      and while she didn't get it as well as Mamma Mia, she handled it fine.
      My cousin stole the victory with only 3 completed movies, including
      the best and worst movie.

      On Saturday, my cousin Ben asked to see what other games I'd brought,
      and I suggested For Sale. We played this once, and my brother wasn't
      so impressed, but Ben liked it a bit more. Carrie suggested we play 6
      nimmt! and she played with me, my brother, my cousins and my father.
      Jennifer clearly got the idea very quickly, and Ben didn't. After two
      games, Jennifer had nearly won both times, but experience (me)
      triumphed. My brother and Ben also played a couple of games of Battle

      Finally, on leaving we decided to give Victoria our copy of Mamma
      Mia!, and I'd pick up a new copy when I got back. Another convert!

      Overall, a lot more gaming than I expected for a visit to the farm. A
      total of 15 games played!

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