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Weekend Gaming -- long-ish

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  • Matthew Horn
    Auf Heller und Pfennig - Dave R, Jake, Emily, Matt Cool little Knizia game... I guess it is a hard-to-find one, too. The theme is a german bazaar where you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Auf Heller und Pfennig - Dave R, Jake, Emily, Matt
      Cool little Knizia game... I guess it is a hard-to-find one, too. The theme
      is a german bazaar where you are trying to make the most money while
      avoiding the Evil Eye and fires. Pick up a sack with some birds on it to
      double your take. Yup. It makes no sense whatsoever. Any theme could be
      applied like salsa on a chip here, but it's light and has a nice circular
      turn marker.

      Forum Romanum -- Matt, Dave R, Andrew, Dan C
      Interesting game of moving little pawns around a board with squares on it.
      This is a very early Kramer game, and I think it becomes obvious mid-game or
      so that it is a bit dated. The depth of play isn't there as the game
      degenerates from clever pawn placement to stubborn deadlock. To compete with
      all the current excellent games out there, it would need some polishing. I
      rushed into any area and actually tried to create ties, hoping the other
      players would eventually move out. Dan C did well enough for the win.

      Tichu -- Team Dave R/Matt and Emily/Jake
      Much nuts to Dave, Emily and Jake for teaching this game to me. But you know
      you are in trouble when rules explanation has everyone at the table asking
      questions. We played an open hand and a couple practice closed ones for good
      measure. Had we stopped there, Dave and I would have been Tichu geniuses,
      going 500-0. Just when I thought I got it, I started making some big
      mistakes. In the practice rounds, I was doing so well, but when the pressure
      was on, I couldn't hold up my end of the game. Jake and Emily took the last
      three rounds or so and got to 1000 first.

      Through the Desert, 2:00 AM-style -- Richard, Matt, Andrew, Ryan
      First I smoked one, then I played one... Camel that is. A quick game, with
      lots of train-cutting, aggressive blocking, and all round good-natured
      smack-downs. I was pretty much left alone on the left side of the board
      where I started 3 of my 5 trains, so I took a nice-size encirclement and
      lots of watering holes. About mid-game, I like to look at the camel piles
      and see what isn't being drawn much, then make sure I stay ahead in that
      color. In this case, it was light blue and I got longest train with only 5
      camels. Ryan managed to get two longest train tokens which made it a
      dangerously close match.
      Matt: 73, Richard: 60, Ryan: 68, Andrew: 66 (scores are approximate)

      El Grande -- Richard, Matt H, Craig, Dan C, Dave R
      In between discussions of Richard's firm stool, a small plastic phallus, and
      the correct pronunciation of "cabellero", there was a game in here
      somewhere. Coulda fooled me, though, as I spent the entire time playing
      catch-up as Richard deftly pointed the "so winning" finger at Dan while he
      even more deftly snuck through to win it. I think I had more laughs than
      points at the end.

      Quandary -- Dave R, Andrew, Matt, Dan C
      Andrew and I started out strong and maintained the lead the whole game,
      while Dan and Dave played catchup. Andrew cleverly played the last tile to
      take the win.

      Cant Stop -- Richard, Ryan, Matt, Andrew
      What can I say. I can't stop. This game went on a bit long for what it is (a
      dice-centered racing game, not a race-centered dicing game), but Richard
      finally won with the classic 6-7-8 run. I had to stop at that point since I
      hallucinating from sleep deprivation.

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      Matthew J. Horn
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