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Re: [Unity_Games] SR: BLAH restarts

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  • Matthew Gray
    ... Wow, what a great game. As I had mentioned in mail last week, I ve been itching to try this one, and was very pleased. ... There were some unclear points,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2001
      > Matthew quickly requested Traders of Genoa.

      Wow, what a great game. As I had mentioned in mail last week, I've
      been itching to try this one, and was very pleased.

      > My rules explanation was rather laborious, since I'd only played
      > once before, and that a couple of months ago. But we soon got into
      > the swing of it.

      There were some unclear points, like whether you could negotiate for
      movement to a place independent of your desire to take the action

      > Or rather, Matthew and Adam did; each of them
      > played very well in his first game. I repeated one of the mistakes
      > of my first game, in that I neglected owner markers, which provide
      > income throughout the game, and at the end.

      The owner markers did prove to be a reasonably good investment, but
      not overwhelmingly so. When I first heard the rules about these, they
      seemed like a huge advantage, but after having used them, the
      advantage was more moderate. Obviously, they're more useful when
      placed earlier.

      > Despite its being the first game for two of the players, it went
      > pretty quickly, for a few reasons. We played pretty briskly.

      We didn't do any terribly complicated exchanges. Essentially all were
      of the form I'll give you "X money and/or Y wares" in exchange for
      "movement to a particular adjacent spot and the action there". I was
      expecting more trades like "Z money and/or W wares and maybe cards" in
      exchange for "movement, the action, V wares, and maybe cards", where Z
      & W would be much higher than X & Y. I didn't feel like it was
      missing anything without these more complex deals, I'm just slightly
      surprised. Have these kind of deals been more ubiquitous in other
      people's playings of this game?

      > The
      > tower started in the market place a couple of times, thus moving the
      > turn marker towards game end. And we agreed to shorten the game by a
      > couple of rounds, in order to finish reasonably early.

      The length was the thing I was the most worried about, and I found it
      not to be a real problem. Our whole game, including substantial (30
      minute?) setup and rules explanation, which we played only until the 4
      player end condition, took about 2 hours.

      Anyone familiar with anything else by this designer? boardgamegeek
      only lists a childrens' game and an abstract mancala-like game called
      Space Walk. Maybe that's all he's done?

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