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9/24 SNOB SR

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  • Matthew Gray
    People: Matthew, Brian, Ronald, Chris (not on the list) & Mike (also not on the list) Games: Girl Genius: The Works, Mamma Mia, Fast Food Franchise I arrived
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
      People: Matthew, Brian, Ronald, Chris (not on the list) & Mike (also not on the list)
      Games: Girl Genius: The Works, Mamma Mia, Fast Food Franchise

      I arrived at almost 8 and found Ronald and Brian waiting. We brought
      out "Girl Genius: The Works". Cute game, and I thought it worked
      fairly well with 3, but more seems like it would be pushing it.
      Overall a surprisingly close game with near the very end Ronald and
      Brian in the high 70s and 80s and me at 99. They didn't manage to
      take the win away, though Ronald had a lot of dirigibles.

      While we were finishing GG:tW, Chris and Mike arrived and started a
      game of Mamma Mia. I don't believe they finished it.

      I was eager to try Fast Food Franchise again (I had first played it
      over a year ago, when I first met Jonathan) and we rapidly punched it
      out, ran over the rules, and observed the Monopoly similarities.

      Early on, I picked up "Ice Cream Scream", Ronald didn't anticipate
      Chris' selection of Chicken Surprise, Michael grabbed the Pizza, and
      in a move that none of us noticed the appropriateness of, the player
      named Ronald started a Burger chain. Rapidly, my ice cream stores
      expanded through the Great Lakes region, occupying Chicago and
      Minneapolis, and growing in overall size. Chris picked up the
      Chocolate chain on the west coast, just because it sounded yummy and
      rapidly decided he had made a mistake. Ronald grabbed the donut
      stores in the southwest. Michael somewhat reluctantly started a
      family restaurant chain in St. Louis. I didn't pick up Steak & Salad.
      The pizza chain snapped up the Northeast markets, though my rapidly
      expanding ice cream company started up a new chain in DC and
      eventually boxed the pizza into their little northeastern market, as
      ice cream grew into detroit and gradually south. Meanwhile, chicken
      mania raged across the south, donuts in the southwest, and a sizable
      donut chain on the west coast.

      Unfortunately, the family chain never really took off, and due to
      being boxed in in the northeast, Mike was suffering. Soon, he was on
      a fast trail to bankruptcy, and all the other players except me were
      having cash flow issues. Michael landed on the chocolate, ice cream
      and chicken a little to often and soon his coffers were drained,
      mostly to Chris, and somewhat to me. Ronald's burgers in Atlanta and
      Dallas didn't have much room to grow given the overwhelming growth of
      Chris' Chicken. Fortunately, his donut franchise grew strong, but not
      enough. Soon, Chris and I were the only real hopes of holding out
      against bankruptcy. Unfortunately, my massive northern chain of ice
      cream shops proved productive in terms of dividends (over $200,000 per
      passing of Start, near game end), they were fairly weak in income
      (only $90k) compared to the chicken and chocolate juggernauts ($120k &
      $144k respectively). Futher, the chicken and chocolate just covered
      more markets. In the end, Chris managed to get the $1 million
      required to win. Final positions were:

      Chris' Chicken & Chocolate: >$1 million
      Matthew's Ice Cream Only: ~ $380k
      Ronald's Burgers & Donuts: hovering above bankruptcy
      Mike's FamilyStyle dining and NewEngland pizza: Bankrupt

      Throughout the game, comments to the effect of "this is what Monopoly
      should be like" were repeated frequently. I feel Monopoly is a poor
      property game and a mediocre negotiation game. FFF is a great
      property game. Despite the game taking almost 3 hours, it was a
      blast. All who played seemed to agree. I'm even more pleased with
      this game on my second play. Definitely a winner. I think the game
      has some minor flaws, but it's so much FUN, I don't care :-)

      Finally, the pleasant surprise for those of you who read all the way
      to the end of this message: I've spoken to the Your Move Games manager
      several times, and they've agreed to give a 10% Unity Games discount.
      It's not a Scholars' 30%, but for those of us who frequent YMG and a
      bit farther north, it should prove nice. I'll send the details about
      the discount (and there are details) tomorrow.

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