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SR: South Shore Gamers - Sept 1, 2001

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Massive turnout for kids night! We officially had 32 people - which included about a half dozen kids who came for game playing. This was the high-water mark
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      Massive turnout for kids night! We officially had 32 people -
      which included about a half dozen kids who came for game playing.
      This was the high-water mark for the SSG which had previously
      seen 25 a couple times and lower 20's on about a half dozen
      occasions. I think this also tied the largest number of women
      gamers in some time - with 5 in attendance which is great.

      And big thanks to Rob who collected.

      Roll Call: Dave B, Jenn, Dave R, Emily, Alan, Craig, Richard,
      Rob E, Karl, Jonathan, Adam Y, Rich M, Jeff M, Walter, Walter's
      Nephew, Joe C, Andy W, Campbell, Campbell's friends x2, Dave C +
      son, Ben M, Matt H, David H, Alison H, Bob S, Tamara,
      Constantine, Andy L, Dan M, Ian M. (hope I didn't miss anyone!)

      GAMES PLAYED: Through the Desert, Battle Line, Catchphrase x6,
      San Marco, Liar's Dice, Crokinole (x10?), Star Wars Queen's
      Gambit, Taboo, Password x2, Flower Power, Settlers of Catan,
      Modern Art, Tigris & Euphrates, Modern Art, Ulysses, Carcassonne,
      Vampire, Rhienlander, Bali, Ace of Aces, Kohle, Kies & Knete,

      There were certainly other games played as there were way too
      many to record so I didn't keep an accurate count. I'll take any

      We did some experiments on the new Charba Crokinole Board. It
      was supposed to be the same as my Grey Owl but after accurately
      measuring the center hole was smaller (both depth and width), the
      rings were of different size as well as the posts and the board
      definitely didn't seem as fast (but this was just from a few
      minutes of use). Alan has all the dimensions and I think the
      board will likely be exchanged as it doesn't seem up to par with
      the other Grey Owl boards...

      Notes on games I played:

      TABOO - The electronic version. Really fun and my 2nd favorite
      of the new Hasbro electronic party games (Catchphrase is still my
      favorite). Some words I seem to recall from the game of this I
      played last week so I'm not sure how it "randomizes" but it still
      proved fun. We played a 6 player game of this while Alan and
      Craig (who also played) were setting up Star Wars - Queen's
      Gambit (which they both seemed to like quite a bit). Good
      lighthearted fun for a big group of players.

      CATCHPHRASE - Also the electronic version. This is my favorite
      of the new Hasbro electronic party games. At least a half dozen
      games of Catchphrase took place - and probably more. We had 6
      and 8 players for this at different points in the night. The
      concept is similar to "hot potato" where you need to get your
      team (every other person is your teammates) to say the word
      listed on the CatchPhrase device and then pass it along
      clockwise. The music gets more and more frantic as time starts to
      run out and eventually the buzzer goes off. If you are the one
      holding the device when the buzzer runs out your team loses and
      the opposing team scores a point. It's frantic - and some of the
      words are super easy while others are very difficult. The game
      moves really quickly and even with a larger group of players it
      feels like you are always involved (in either guessing or giving
      clues). Highly recommend - the game has many thousands of words
      so hopefully it won't run stale for some time.

      FLOWER POWER - I taught Alison who had never played. It filled
      in nicely after I got bounced from Liar's Dice. Still enjoyable
      and such a nice looking game. One of my "new" favorites in the
      Kosmos 2P lineup.

      LIARS DICE - I lost my first 5 dice before anyone else lost any.
      It was a brutal showing! I was out in like 5 minutes - luckily
      Alison was hovering nearby so we could get in a good game of
      Flowerpower. I now truly love Liar's Dice - having gone from a
      very lukewarm reception to it over a year ago to having it be one
      of my favorite games that I'm almost always willing to play. But
      after my only win (in about 22 attempts) my losing streak seems
      to be back in full force!

      CROKINOLE - Karl and I took on Alan and Dave R who dominated the
      board most of the night. We had one close game and one blowout
      and we didn't win either game but it was great fun. The board
      saw heavy use - event the kids got a little use on it - with a
      bit of supervision so they didn't treat it too harshly!

      That's it. I couldn't hear the band this week until later in the
      evening as there were so many people present.

      Next week is the big 2 year anniversary for the South Shore
      Gamers. Please try to make it - I want to make it a big night!!

      After next week, I think there will probably be a hiatus on SSG
      for a couple weeks. I'll let people know if there will be
      anything on the 15th but don't count on it!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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