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Princes of Florence

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  • Andy Latto
    Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:36:17 -0700 (PDT) From: Craig Massey Subject: SR (sort of): Origins Princes of Florence: Played another five
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2001
      Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:36:17 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Craig Massey <cwmassey@...>
      Subject: SR (sort of): Origins

      Princes of Florence: Played another five player game
      and was cruising to victory when I mixed what I needed
      the final two rounds and ended up in 4th place instead
      of in a tie for 1st. DOH!!! I needed a park and
      recruiting card in that order and did it the other way
      missing out on the park in round 7 - it was like
      playing with Richard.

      But did you really have the option of doing it the other way around?
      Would there have been a recruitment card still available on turn 7?
      Unless there were two still available on turn 6, or you were the
      last to buy something on turn 6, there was always the possibility that
      someone else would take the last recruitment card on turn 6, leaving
      you with none on turn 7. Even if there was one available on turn 7, it
      would be likely to go for a premium price; only Prestige cards
      and recruitment cards are worth a lot that late in the game.

      Personally, I think that recruitment cards are the most valuable
      of the phase-1 items in PoF. The players in the last game I played
      in agreed with me: the 5 recruitment cards were bought on the first
      5 turns, 4 of them for premium prices. The fifth would have gone for
      a lot, too, but I made a strategic error, taking the lake I needed for
      200, rather than first auctioning off the recruitment card, running
      up the price a bit, and *then* taking the lake for 200.

      What a great game! It always leaves me wanting to play it again, to try
      out yet another plan!

      Andy Latto
    • Andy Latto
      Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 20:53:50 EDT From: AndAgainMA@aol.com Subject: Re: SR: Diplomacy Mini-Monster (VERY LONG) As for Campbell s PoF comparison, I think that
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 4, 2001
        Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 20:53:50 EDT
        From: AndAgainMA@...
        Subject: Re: SR: Diplomacy Mini-Monster (VERY LONG)

        As for Campbell's PoF comparison, I think that Princes is massively more
        unforgiving of a single error than is Diplomacy. Make an error in Diplomacy,
        and you can often use it to convince a potential ally that you're not a
        threat to them.* Make a mistake in PoF and you're pretty much out of it,
        given the level of Florentian experience that abounds at UG sessions these

        I think of Princes of Florence as like a road race that is run on the
        edge of a cliff. If you are much faster than your opponents (if you
        are much more experienced at the game than they are, and expect to get
        some undeserved bargains when other players bid way too low or way too
        high in the auctions), then you can stay well away from the cliffs and
        still expect to win. But if the other runners are about as fast as you
        are (other experienced players), then the way to gain a few precious
        seconds in the race is to cut the corner as close to the edge of the
        cliff as possible. Of course, sometimes, when you do this, you fall
        off the edge! A friend recently described an entertaining game of PoF
        he had played recently where he had done nothing spectacular, ended
        with a mediocre score (low fifties, I think), but won, because all four
        other players had "fallen off the cliff" at some point during the

        For me, at least, it's key to my enjoyment of this game to realize that
        I'm playing to maximize my chances to win, not to maximize my score.
        The goal is to try to win as often as I can, a bit more than my fair share
        if possible. If the result is that when I don't win, I trail by 20 points
        in dead last, that's fine, that's just part of the cost I pay for my
        wins. And it's entertaining to find a new cliff to fall off each time
        you play; there are so many different pitfalls in this game!

        Having said that, I rarely make a single error in a game of Princes...

        Neither do I, with the emphasis on *single*! If/when I make an error,
        I try to make a comeback, so I usually make at least one further error
        whle trying to recover.

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