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Re: [Unity_Games] Greetings!

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  • Mark Edwards
    Hiya Phil! We ve already corresponded a bit privately but I figured you were dying to hear my two cents... ;-) ... Good stuff! I especially love Modern Art.
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 1, 2001
      Hiya Phil!

      We've already corresponded a bit privately but I figured you were
      dying to hear my two cents... ;-)

      albergclan@... wrote:

      > My current favorites are: Settlers of Catan, El Grande, Modern Art,
      > and Tigris & Euphrates.

      Good stuff! I especially love Modern Art. I've got a game you've
      gotta try, it's called Traumfabrik! (I'm the official Traumfabrik
      pusher around here). But seriously I don't know how many of the German
      style games you've played, but there are a lot more than you would
      believe among the many and various collections of folks on this list.

      > Games I own that I've not played but want to play: 1830, Circus
      > Minimus, Pampas Railroads, Silverton.

      As I mentioned privately, one of these days I've gotta play one of
      these rail games. I have Iron Dragon but haven't cracked the rulebook

      > Games I do not own that I'm itching to play: Carcassonne, Medici,
      > Roads & Boats, The Princes of Florence.

      Medici is another of my favorites, and Carcassonne and Princes of
      Florence, while not among my favorites, are very fine games and are well
      liked by many here on the list. I haven't read much about Roads &
      Boats, I believe a few folks have copies but that it's only been played
      once or twice among all of UG membership.

      > Greatest gaming accomplishment: A tie. 1) Teaching Settlers of Catan
      > to a couple of non-gaming co-workers, and proceeding to play the game
      > every day during lunch for the next year and a half.

      Every day?!? A year and a half!? My God man!

      > 2) Cultivating good gamesmanship among my five children.

      I've been trying to do the same, but damn if I don't keep losing at
      Candy Land. Talk about hissy fits! ;-)

      > It's exciting to know that there are other gamers in the area who
      > share my passion and adiction. I look forward to the opportunity of
      > meeting some of you face-to-face at future gaming sessions.

      Like I mentioned offline, I can't be that far from you here in South
      Attleboro and of course you're more than welcome to drop by sometime.
      And don't worry, my bark is worse than my bite. ;0)


      Mark Edwards

      If you're interested in board games and are located in the Eastern Mass
      area, check out Unity Games!

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