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Re: SSG Tommorow (or So Long Pat and Thanks for All the Croke-Wax]

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  • Patrick O'Brien
    I m back from me last SSG as a pseudo-native, huzzah! Thanks Dave, I ve had the best time here in Boston, in large part because of Unity Games I. That was the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2001
      I'm back from me last SSG as a pseudo-native, huzzah!

      Thanks Dave, I've had the best time here in Boston, in large part
      because of Unity Games I. That was the second gaming event i
      attended here (after my first Bob day, where Jonathan Yedidiah hooked
      me up to the list). I only knew Bob S.H. because i bought a copy of
      Demarrage from him over the magical internet years ago, and it was a
      pleasure to finally meet him. You guys have it so good here, i have
      to tell you. I'm hoping to perpetuate the missionary work (keeping
      it clean here, guys) in the west again, but i know i'll be back at
      some point; i hope to see y'all across the table soon.


      --- In Unity_Games@y..., "Dave Bernazzani" <dber@g...> wrote:
      > OK - despite all the out-of-towners, we've got a quorum for SSG
      > (about 10 gamers)! Thanks to everyone who has responded - if you
      are still
      > thinking of going please let me know!
      > SSG will be Pat O'Brien's last stop for regular session gaming
      before moving
      > to Montana on Sunday. It's been great having Pat in the area - he
      came to
      > Unity Games I and I don't think he knew very many people (it's
      possible he
      > knew almost nobody!) but he got involved with gaming in a huge way
      here -
      > and introduced us to some great games and provided some fun moments
      at the
      > table. His easy-going demeanor has become a trademark around
      here. Pat
      > will be back from time to time so hopefully this will not be his
      last SSG
      > ever!
      > I want to relate a story about Pat so that some of you who didn't
      get a
      > chance to game with Pat can maybe have a last chance to get to know
      him a
      > little better...
      > The ship was badly damaged. The warp core off-line. Pat had taken
      it upon
      > himself to set things right. He maneuvered his way into the engine
      room and
      > despite the radiation he somehow managed to put the mains back on-
      line. I
      > was too late when I arrived - he was trapped in the radiation filled
      > compartment and we were separated by a wall of thick glass. I
      > the chamber, pressed my hand to the glass and choked out only a
      > word... "PAT...". He looked up through his round spectacles,
      wearily, and
      > smiled. His speech was slow, tired and fading but he began... "The
      > out of danger?". I tried a half-hearted smile and
      responded, "Yes... you
      > saved the ship... you saved us all...". He nodded briefly and
      > "The needs of the many... outweigh..." and his voice trailed off.
      I tried
      > to complete it for him "... the needs of the few...". Pat nodded
      and added,
      > "... or the one... ... ... I have been and always shall be a Unity
      > Gamer...". With that he was gone. I was left to think of my
      friend Pat.
      > All I could manage was a blood curdling scream
      of "KAHHHHHNNNNN!" :-)
      > Thanks for the great game memories Pat - you've been a great team
      > --
      > Dave Bernazzani
      > dber@g...
      > http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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