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Re: SR: GSG 6/26 Princes of Genoa

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  • Aleka & GrillCake
    Sorry to regress. But I wasn t availible for comment yesterday. And I was the one who was feeling shafted. I don t have any problem with backstabbing if it is
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 28, 2001
      Sorry to regress. But I wasn't availible for comment yesterday. And
      I was the one who was feeling shafted.

      I don't have any problem with backstabbing if it is indeed part of
      the game.

      However, I dont beleive the Traders of Genoa is on of those games.

      Forget Negotiation, It is a game of Extortion. It doesnt require
      being nice or considerate or even reasonable, all things to be
      applauded in real life. But it does require that when a deal is made
      the deal does actually happen. I feel this characteristic excludes it
      from the list of backstabbing type games. There is alot of deception
      involved in playing the game well but it is not about bad debts or
      slipping out the perverbial back door.

      So the fact is our deal was illegal to begin with makes the whole
      thing an asterisk. So the real outcome of the Game in the 'this
      fiasco never happened' alternate universe it unknown. As it is you
      won fair (you Jedi Mind Tricked me out of 10 Bucks) and now I have
      new meaning for the phrase "Its only 10 Bucks"

      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Matthew Horn <mhorn@m...> wrote:
      > Sorry, have to jump in here for a second because I believe I have
      > back-handedly besmirched and I really wanted to use the
      word "besmirched".
      > I am a man of my word, for the most part, or at least I consider
      myself to
      > be an honorable person. But in a game where deception and lying and
      > deal-making are allowed -- heck, sometimes encouraged -- I may not
      be a man
      > of my word. I am proud of that. I play a game to have a good time,
      do my
      > best, and make others laugh (or cry) as the case may be. But I am
      > fair within the boundaries of the game. And when we get up from a
      game, I'll
      > give you your wallet back.
      > There's two worlds being talked about here. I want to clarify that
      in day to
      > day business with people, I am fair and honest and above-board
      above all
      > else and I cherish these characteristics in other people. In games,
      > read rule 2.6.
      > Short list of games whose emergent properties seems to be deception
      > lying (they seem to be centered around trading games):
      > Civilization
      > Chinatown
      > Traders of Genoa
      > WEREWOLF!
      > KK&K
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