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RE: [Unity_Games] Princes of Genoa Deal Making [was SR: GSG 6/26]

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  • Matthew Horn
    Oh, we both KNOW that making a deal for a future turn was illegal. It s just that Ben didn t know it at the time and I decided to take advantage of the fact
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      Oh, we both KNOW that making a deal for a future turn was illegal. It's just
      that Ben didn't know it at the time and I decided to take advantage of the
      fact once I found out. The point is mostly moot since I "reneged on my
      reneging" anyway. :)

      Check rule 1.6, 2.6 or 3.6 (can't remember which one). It specifically
      states that your deal can't involve future turn actions.

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      Mark wrote:

      > Princes of Genoa: Bob, Bill, Ben and Matt
      > As I walked in Princes of Genoa was in the end game phase.
      > Ben had apparently made himself a target as the clear leader
      > via some sweet deals during the early game (he was the only
      > experienced player). Bill wouldn't even negotiate with him at
      > this point and Matt was studying the rules carefully. When
      > Matt's turn came he told Ben to look at Rule 3.6 and then
      > proceeded to take his turn. His choice of route wasn't what
      > Ben was expecting because Ben launched into some serious
      > whining and bitching. A glance at the rulebook revealed that
      > Rule 3.6 states that "all deals made by the players are nonbinding"
      > or something to that effect.

      Hmmm.. I'd like to see the Rio Grande Rules! An offer is just to show
      intent and is not binding... but once paid for they are, in fact, binding in
      all cases. The rules only talk about making deals under 3 different
      conditions - (1) in the current building, (2) to move to a neighboring
      building (AND take the action there) and (3) to move to a non-neighboring
      building. I suspect they made a soft deal for "future" movement which is
      not binding because it has not been paid for (sort of falls under the 3rd
      category above - move to a non neighboring building).

      Here are the relevant rules as translated:

      First the active player clarifies whether somebody would like to execute the
      corresponding action in the current building, that is the building in which
      the dealer tower is standing. Attention: This applies to the start space of
      the dealer tower.

      As soon as an offer is presented to him/her by at least one player for this
      action, the action must (!) be executed. The active player has the option
      however to execute the action him/herself. If s/he doesn't want this action
      or can't use it since s/he has no action remaining this turn, s/he must
      allow the action to be executed by one of the players who has made an offer
      in current building. Afterwards, s/he can move the dealer tower further - or
      the turn may be over.
      S/he can also move it further, if - within an appropriate time period - no
      player makes an offer for the current building. In this case the active
      player also does not execute the action in this building, and thus the
      action expires

      Before the active player moves the dealer tower along, players may present
      offers to him/her so that the active player moves the dealer tower on to a
      particular neighboring building where they would like to execute the action
      there. If the active player accepts an offer, the deal is arranged and will
      happen: The player "pays" the offer to the active player, and the active
      player, moves the dealer tower to the appointed neighboring building and the
      player who offered deal takes the corresponding action there immediately.
      Afterwards the active player can move the dealer tower again (and again the
      rule about "neighboring buildings" is applied) - or his/her turn finishes,

      The active player has the right to move the dealer tower to a neighboring
      building at any time, with or without an offer to do so from another player.
      It can also happen that no other player makes an offer as all are waiting to
      see where the dealer tower moves.

      Important: If the dealer tower is moved on to a neighboring building without
      a deal in effect, rule "1.1 Current building" now comes into play.

      1.3 Reachable buildings, not neighboring
      The players can also negotiate with the active player anytime to visit more
      distant buildings with the dealer tower in the course of the game turn.
      However, on this occasion offers that are expressed are not yet "paid" and
      can be changed at will. The offers only become relevant when the dealer
      tower is on a neighboring space to the specified building, at which point
      rule "1.2: Neighboring buildings" comes into play.

      Dave Bernazzani
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