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SR: South Shore Gamers - June 2, 2001

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    A lower volume night at the SSG - a big chunk of the crew was up north celebrating Pat O Brien s stay here in the area. Pat is moving to Montana in less than
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2001
      A lower volume night at the SSG - a big chunk of the crew was up
      north celebrating Pat O'Brien's stay here in the area. Pat is
      moving to Montana in less than a month - we'll all miss Pat as he
      has been a great addition to the gaming community! Good luck

      Roll Call: Dave, Jenn, Joe C, LaJean, Ben, Campbell, Brian,
      Karl, Diane, Constantine, Rob, Alison, David

      GAMES PLAYED: Capitol, Formula De, Modern Art, Union Pacific,
      Tigris & Euphrates, Carcassonne, Password, Settlers of Catan x2,
      Web of Power, Wyatt Earp

      Super quick notes on games I played:

      CAPITOL - Joe had emailed me and was eager to give the AM/AW
      building game a try. It had just recently been nominated for the
      SdJ award - and probably as a result I've noticed the number of
      hits on my preview at the Boardgamegeek page have skyrocketed to
      #1. The Roman builders were myself, Ben, LaJean and Joe. Ben
      and I had played before and got the others up to speed. Everyone
      seemed to enjoy the experience of playing - it's got a nice
      mechanism of mixing the two main phases of building (by playing
      cards) and improvements (by auction). Joe had shot off to a slim
      early lead with good key building and reserving enough to win an
      early auction or two. But Ben caught up quickly while LaJean and
      I were close behind. In the final round, I managed to lock up a
      few big areas - and Ben had placed a score doubler on an area I
      had several 2nd place points (which were also benefited by the
      score doubler) and I managed to come in a close 2nd to Ben's win.
      This was my 7th play of Capitol - still a solid game and my
      personal favorite of the latest AM/AW games. Time to play was
      about 90 minutes (with rules explanation).

      MODERN ART - We finished our last game at the mid-point of other
      games taking place so we opted to pull out Reiner Knizia's
      auction masterpiece of Modern Art. Same crew as before - myself,
      Ben, LaJean and Joe. Amazing that none of the others had played
      before! I got them up to speed and we set about auctioning off
      works of art to try and earn the most money. Some of the bidding
      was a little wild at times, but generally people knew the
      potential value of each painting and knew that the goal was to
      maximize your profit while trying to give as little money to
      others as you can manage (giving a little more to a player in
      last place is probably OK as we discovered). Four highly
      contested rounds followed with everyone getting into the used car
      salesman aspect of trying to push your painting to the maximum
      value. Joe gave me a little too much cash on the final round,
      final auctioned painting which gave me a slim lead over him but
      left me just short of Ben. Different game but same result as our
      play of Capitol with Ben winning. This was about my 10th play of
      Modern Art since 2000 and it's still holds up as a great game for
      me to play. Play time was about 90 minutes.

      CARCASSONNE - A four player contest with Joe, David, Brian and
      myself. Finally nice to sit at the same table as Brian again -
      it's been too long since we had a chance to game at the same
      table! This game was all about the farmers - there were 4 or 5
      early small cities that got built so it was clear that farmers
      were going to be worth some serious points. All four of us were
      working hard to link in farmers into the big field in any way we
      possibly could. Farmer fortune shifted a number of times
      throughout the game - but in the end all four of us ended up with
      3 farmers apiece in the big field and so we all gained the same
      points (except for David who got 4 extra points for an outlying
      city he also supplied from the far field). I didn't really do
      anything else except farming - just one mega city that I couldn't
      complete so I languished and finished last. The other three were
      really close with Brian taking a narrow victory in the final
      count. This was about my 25th playing of Carcassonne - a good
      light game that is easy to play with gamers and non-gamers and
      one I highly recommend. Play time was about 45 minutes.

      WYATT EARP - A perfect closer with Brian, David and I heading up
      the wild west! This keeps the SSG streak alive as Wyatt Earp has
      been played at every session since it's Rio Grande release back
      in early April. I was not to be stopped in this particular game
      - I got dealt a phenomenal hand to start - letting me go out on
      my 2nd turn and gaining 10000 in reward money. The next round
      was similar - although it took a little longer and I vaulted up
      to 19000. The last round was much more contested - and nearly
      every outlaw was captured. Jesse James was worth some really
      large sum of money as everyone kept using the Bank Robbery,
      Stagecoach Robbery and Fastest Guns to build it up. Fortunately,
      all three of us ended up getting in on the action - otherwise
      someone could have run away with it! I won after 3 rounds with
      28000 with David at 23000 and Brian at 19000. This was my 10th
      game of Wyatt Earp and a game I just love to play as it fills in
      nicely between bigger games or at the end of a session. Three
      players was really good - although it has played well with 4 (the
      number I've most played with) and 2P. Highly recommended and a
      game I can definitely see hitting the table for a long time to
      come due to short easygoing play. Our game took about 30

      That's it for this week! E&T looked like a fierce battle. Union
      Pacific went over well with the newbies (and it was one of the
      few times I've heard Jenn explaining game rules to start the
      game!). Settlers of Catan was played quickly as a 4 player game
      and then much (MUCH) longer as a 6 player contest later in the
      evening. Next week is shaping up to be another great week at the
      SSG. Hope to see lots of you there!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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