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SR: B20 June 1, 2001

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  • ScottH.
    B20 June 1, 2001 Attendance: Campbell, Scott, Brian, Terry, Nick, Craig, Max and new guy John Games Played: Dragon s Gold, Ohne Furcht und Adel, Overthrone,
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      B20 June 1, 2001

      Attendance: Campbell, Scott, Brian, Terry, Nick, Craig, Max and new
      guy John

      Games Played: Dragon's Gold, Ohne Furcht und Adel, Overthrone,
      Bohnanza and Wyatt Earp (No Board games played!)

      Dragon's Gold : Bruno Faidutti's latest release of negotiation hit
      the table first for the original 6 who showed up. I explained the
      easy instructions with help from Campbell and Brian. This is a light
      treasure dividing game ruled by the 1-minute timer. After playing one
      of your 4 character cards of, values 1-4, onto one of the 4 dragons
      (loaded with treasure amount dictated by the dragon's card), you add
      up the value of all other characters on the dragon and see if it
      equals or exceeds the dragon's value. If it does any additional
      treasure is added per the dragons card. The timer is started and all
      parties that had characters on the dragon try to divvy up the jewels
      in a way that every body agrees to. If negotiations fail the treasure
      is lost from the game. We actually had no failed negotiations, though
      Terry pushed Brian and me to the brink once (he got what he wanted,
      but we were wary of treasuring with him again). Craig ended up
      killing a huge dragon all by himself, because it had the Cursed Black
      Diamond. During further negotiations he took all the gold and silver
      items and let the rest sort the colored gems (the black diamonds make
      all colored jewels worthless to the owner, but is worth 15 points).
      He traded during the marketplaces with everyone and ended up
      accumulating an impressive amount of gold and silver. He crushed us.
      The only one who came close was Brian with a try to get the most of a
      few colors strategy.
      Scores: Craig 59, Brian 43, Scott 28, Campbell 24, Max 20, and Terry

      Ohne Furcht und Adel: It was Bruno's night at B20. This favorite was
      pulled out because Nick joined us making the group size 7. With
      Campbell's assistance, I explained the basics of the games. We
      decided to shorten the game to 7 city districts (from the normal 8).
      A lot of assassinating and thieving went on as we struggled to get
      our city districts into play. Always fun with the proper banter "I'm
      so losing' and `He's so winning' `Kill the handler' `Rob the builder'
      Craig, once again, mastered quickly a new game and thrashed us. Good
      job Craig!
      Scores: Craig 25, Campbell + Max 17, Scott + Terry 16, Nick 13

      Overthrone: New Guy John joined us as Craig and Max left for the
      evening. This was the first play for all of us of Frank DiLorenzo's
      card game of the French Revolution. The rules are a bit muddled but
      by reading the FAQ on R&R's website and Mik S.'s excellent review, we
      dove into the game. A few questions cropped up and the group did what
      seemed to be right by the rules. I can see how it would take a few
      plays to get the feel for the game flow, but it is well worth it.
      This is basically a game of back stabbing and stealing. I found it to
      be great light fun. The game changes so fast from turn to turn it is
      hard to know who is winning. The present leader is always a target so
      it might be best to lay back a little and point out how others are so
      winning. The chaotic nature and with the proper banter amongst the
      gamers make this a great filler. Most reviews were favorable, with
      two rating it at 7, two at 6, one 4 (due to the rules being unclear)
      and one unsure how to rate it (being new to euro style games, he had
      nothing to compare it to).
      I will right a full review and post it to Funagain (my first!).
      Scores: Campbell 112, Nick 77, John 76, Brian + Scott 73, Terry 50

      Bohnanza: Bean farming again was seen in Bridgewater. Terry and New
      Guy John had never played this Unity Games staple. A quick
      explanation of the rules and the trading began. The rules stated that
      for 6 players 4 cards a turn are drawn. None of us remembered playing
      this way, but it certainly sped up the game.
      In the end we had a 3-way tie for first and 2 tied for second 1 point
      Scores: Campbell + Nick + Scott 12, Brian + John 11, Terry 9

      It was midnight as the crew packed up to leave, but I am evil at
      heart and corrupted two their souls to stay for one more game of
      Wyatt Earp. Though to be truthful, it is not hard at all to find
      people willing to play this great card game.

      Wyatt Earp: It was late so game details are fuzzy. I know Nick jumped
      out to a huge 1st round lead. Nick scored $14,000 to Brian and my
      puny $3,000. Second round Brian and I suppressed Nick as much as we
      could with Hideouts and kept him from going out. Nick ended round 2
      at $20,000, with Scott at $14,000 and Brian right behind me. Round 3
      started with the Sundance Kid carrying $8-9,000 left over from round
      2, so the fight centered on him. I spent most of the round trying to
      figure a way to keep Nick under the $25,000 finish line. It became
      apparent we could not do that. When I ended the round I knew Nick had
      hit $25,000 exactly and figured he had the game. I must have been
      tired because I had ignored my own score. As we divide the rewards I
      noticed I was doing quite well. This is now my new strategy for Wyatt
      Earp, suppress your foes and ignore
      your own score. Note this may only work at 1 A.M.
      Scores: Scott 30, Nick 25, and Brian 18??

      It was 1:30 A.M. and we really wrapped it up for the night. Great
      games, great people in Bridgewater once again. Thanks to Dave T. for
      the hall space. Dave even made an 11:00 P.M. run back to the Scholars
      store for some late night purchasing by Campbell (Dragon's Gold) and
      Nick (Seafarers). Thanks again Dave!

      Your tired session reporter,
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