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Mini SR: B20

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  • D. Campbell MacInnes
    Just a quick report on this evening s B20, before I collapse into bed. We had our first theme night, though it was inadvertent, as card games ruled the table!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Just a quick report on this evening's B20, before I collapse into bed.

      We had our first theme night, though it was inadvertent, as card games
      ruled the table!

      Attending: Brian, Nick, Scott, Terry, Craig, Max, Campbell and "New Guy John"

      Games Played: Scott's Unnamed (to my knowledge) fish game prototype,
      Dragon's Gold, Ohne Furcht und Adel, Overthrone, Bohnanza and Wyatt Earp.

      Scott's Prototype:
      Scott and I were the first to arrive, so he broke out his fishy prototype
      and we took a crack at getting our increasingly dizzy fish into the net. It
      was a fun game, reminiscent (according to Scott) of "En Garde" (I'll take
      his word for it, as I've not played that game). I was royally trounced and
      we found a few minor tweaks that could be made, but the basic mechanic is
      very sound and fairly enjoyable.

      Dragon's Gold:
      I was a little leery of this one when it was mentioned, until the mechanic
      of how the treasures were split up was explained, and then I dived right
      in! Add to that the fact that the first magical item I was dealt with the
      "Invisible Hand" that let me steal treasures from the board when no one was
      looking, and you can guess how much fun I had ;)
      It was a good game. I can't recall the standings beyond the fact that Craig
      came in a commanding lead while the rest of us were packed somewhere well
      behind him. I liked it so much that I asked Dave T to grab it for me when
      he showed up later that night. Not sure the 13 bucks the sale made him was
      worth the walk back, but I certainly appreciate it ;)

      We had 7 at this point, so we finally settled on OFuA as our next game,
      after some hedging. My second play at this one, and it was just as
      enjoyable as my first, even without a death struggle between Ron and Scott
      (which was the feature of my first play, at B&N). The uncertain nature of
      the situation is appealing to me, as it lets you plot a certain amount of
      action out, but does not require you to plot many moves ahead, since that
      is not possible. My one complaint about the 7 player version of this was
      the fairly long downtime during the character selection process, but that
      is unavoidable, unfortunately. By mid game, I had the most districts out,
      but through a canny series of convincing dissuasion and Bill Lumbergh
      impressions, I was able to keep the Soldner away from me, while I prayed
      for the Baumeister or Handler to come my way. Unfortunately, Craig kept
      taking the King spot, either by default or choice, leaving me the second to
      last to choose a card, so I was never able to make the final leap. Craig
      managed that and in turn managed to take the win. The rest of us were kinda
      close behind, as I recall.

      Sometime during the playing of Dragon's Gold, two Mage Knight players
      joined us down below, claiming to have been run-off by the wild pack of
      Magic players above. After their game wrapped up, one of the two, John,
      wandered over to watch us wrapping-up OFuA. He asked if he could join us in
      our next game, to which we of course said yes! At the same time, Craig and
      Max took leave of us, putting our numbers down to 6 total.

      Scott talked us into trying this one, though none of us had actually played
      it (he'd seen it played, he said). After some dickering about how to handle
      some of the vaguer rules from the set, we jumped right in.

      This is an interesting little card game, with a good deal of luck, but also
      (imo) the chance for a hefty dollop of strategy. It moves quickly too, and
      is easy to pick up. All in all, a good introductory game for John, and one
      he took to quite handily, as did we all. The one lesson I learned from the
      game is that it is likely not a good idea to be the first person to play a
      rebellion card, as it makes you a very visible target for the others.
      Again, with some subtle dissuasion (yes, that is what I call the heady
      mixture of whining and cajolery that I employ, live with it!:), and very
      good card draws, I was able to stay out front, and this time I capitalised
      on it, winning by a fairly large margin. Kudos go out to Brian, who came in
      third, having scored every single one of his points in the final hand!
      Truly a vigorous and unpredictable game.

      This was the evening's wrapper for several of us. Another light, quick and
      fun card game. Those new to it (Terry and John) quickly picked it up, and
      it was without a doubt the closest game of Bohnanza I have ever played,
      with Scott and I in first at 12, John, Nick and Brian tied in second at 11
      and Terry a close third at 9.

      Wyatt Earp:
      Brian, Scott and Scott set this up as I was leaving at 1:15 (PSYCHO'S!).
      Still have yet to play it, but it looked interesting. I'm sure one of them
      can provide more details on this.

      All in all, a fun evening, and more talk was heard of making the sessions
      more regular, as John seemed interested in that. He's located somewhere
      northwest of Bridgewater along 495 (the town's name escapes me), so we gave
      him the url for UG and suggested he check us out. Also mentioned the nearby
      sessions, B20, MVGA, B&N and GSG.

      Till next time!

      The most scottish site on the net
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