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IMPORTANT! - Problems at the St. John's Church

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    I ve got some good news to pass along to the group but it will have to wait a day or so... In the meantime, I ve got some bad news. I got word from the folks
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      I've got some good news to pass along to the group but it will
      have to wait a day or so...

      In the meantime, I've got some bad news. I got word from the
      folks that open up the St. John's Church hall for the SSG that
      there have been complaints about one or two of the SSGers in
      attendance over the past few sessions.

      Here is an excerpt:

      >i got your message with regards to being at our
      >facility every night in May. That's fine.
      >I do, however, have a little problem.
      >I have been told that some of your group have been
      >seen driving a bit too fast thru our parking lot.
      >We have over 200 people there on Saturday
      >night. Please pass along our concerns as
      >the majority of the dancers are over 60 years young.

      >i was also told by one of my volunteers that a
      >couple of people in your group were a little
      >abrasive towards them when asked a question.
      >The people that i have are volunteers.
      >they do not know everything about the running of
      >the church but they give of their time away
      >from their families to allow groups like you
      >to enjoy a night out and the church get a little
      >for their efforts. I do not intend to make a big thing
      >of this, I just want your group to remember that they
      >are not the only ones in the church on Saturday night.

      It goes on a bit more... mostly they realize the vast majority of
      the people are well behaved and are a joy to have at the church.
      They don't want to make a big deal out of this as they feel it's
      just one or two people out of the 40+ different people who have
      attended the SSG. I, however, _will_ make a big deal out of it.
      I take great pride in the SSG - and have worked hard for the past
      two years to build it up as big and as pleasant a gaming
      experience as I have been able to manage. A problem at the
      church hall with regards to any individual of the group is a
      reflection on me - and I made it very clear to the church people
      (after the most sincere apology I could muster) that I want to be
      informed of any problems at the hall directly regarding the SSG
      group so that I can deal with it on the spot. I made it clear
      that if any problem persists, the person (or persons) will be
      de-invited from further SSG sessions. Although we pay a small
      fee, we are still guests in the hall - and I have done my best to
      secure a convenient venue for us to play each Saturday. I hate
      to post this knowing that 95% of the people have been _extremely_
      well behaved (believe me if I saw otherwise I would have dealt
      with it or shut the group down and started again) so this is NOT
      a reflection on the group as a whole (just one or two individuals
      and I tend to take some of the reflection as well since I'm doing
      the inviting).

      Please keep vehicle speeds down in and around the church parking
      lot and please be kind to the volunteers who are there and allow
      us a great place to play... As I've said, I'm probably making
      more of this than the church volunteers have by mentioning it to
      me discretely - but I want to be sure that we are squeaky clean
      at the hall in the future.

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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