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SR: B&N 4/2 (Bohnanza, Password, Quandary, Tutanchamun, Don Pepe)

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Great night at the B&N. I always enjoy the Monday night gaming and the crew that makes it most weeks, but I can t remember having quite this much fun on a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3 6:06 AM
      Great night at the B&N. I always enjoy the Monday night gaming and the crew
      that makes it most weeks, but I can't remember having quite this much fun on
      a Monday in some time. Just got into a fit of the laughs I guess! We had
      10 for gaming tonight: myself, Jenn, Mark, Alison, David, Pete, Scott, Ron,
      Campbell and Matt H. I only played 2 different games but they were

      We started with a game of Password with team Mark/Dave going up against team
      Jenn/Matt. Mark and I got off to an early lead (From "annoy" and "mound" I
      got "anthill" !!). But I Matt and Jenn stormed back and it was a very
      close game for a while until Mark and I pulled away on the last couple of
      double-score words.

      After this, Alison was fairly adamant about playing Password so Mark and
      Matt were tossed and Alison and Campbell joined the Password table for two
      more games of this. Campbell and I were teammates and didn't fare too well
      in either game but it's always fun teaming up with Campbell. The girls took
      no mercy on us! We did have a string of good clue giving / password
      guessing in the first game and I think we only lost by a point or two. The
      2nd game was much worse for our heroes! We used the password box lid as a
      cover when we wanted to talk to the other clue-giver so that the guessers
      couldn't hear us. It became somewhat of a funny joke whenever we would pick
      up the box lid - "Oh... he wants to talk to me again..." or "You've been on
      the password box all night..." or you pick up the box lid and wave it and
      say "You never call anymore...". hehheh... well it was funnier at the time!

      Pete came in somewhere in this timeframe and we added him for a game of
      Bohnanza - Scott joined us as Jenn left the table and we ended up with 5
      players. A nice number to trade beans and we used the Rio Grande edition
      with expanded beans included. It was a very close game - everyone being
      reasonably friendly as the different beans were planted and harvested.
      There was lots of giving away of beans from peoples hands which were mostly
      accepted. I had a particularly poor wax bean in my hand I desperately
      wanted to get rid of - but couldn't pawn it off to Alison who already had a
      full crop of these wax beans. But I still managed to do well - winning a
      narrow 1 point victory (the top spots were like 17, 16, 15 and 14 with a bit
      of a drop-off for last place). Still a fun game - one that doesn't hit the
      table nearly as often as I would like. I think the SSG core group burnt out
      on it before last summer and so I was very happy to see Bohnanza hit the
      table twice at B&N in the past three weeks.

      After bean trading we finished up with one last game of Password. Pete had
      to leave and we were left with Alison and I against Campbell and Scott. It
      was a very even match until the password was "ham" and Alison (knowing I'm
      an amateur radio operator - aka 'HAM') said a clue of 'radio'. I said
      'wave' which seemed a good guess and then Campbell said 'meat'. When Scott
      asked for a repeat of the clue, Campbell said 'remember the first clue - HAM
      and now meat'. Well the first clue wasn't HAM, it was RADIO and so Campbell
      had flubbed the clues and given the password instead. Sure it's easy to
      guess HAM as the password when HAM is given as the clueword!! So we got
      those points. In the end it was still a close game but Alison and I managed
      the win.

      The other tabled played Mark's new copy of Quandary and I think Tutanchamun
      and Don Pepe.

      Great night of gaming - thanks to all who came to play!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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