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Mini Monster Game Day(s) - Update

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  • Mark Edwards
    Just so that folks don t get the impression this effort is going underground I wanted to post a little update. If the poll is to be trusted, there are about
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      Just so that folks don't get the impression this effort is going underground I wanted to post a little update.

      If the poll is to be trusted, there are about 29-30 folks interested in playing a variety of different mini-monsters. I've asked Dave B to look into how much it would cost to rent the St John's hall in Dedham for a Saturday, but he suspects it'll be rather expensive (perhaps around $7-$10 a head just to cover the cost of the hall for the day). The good thing about this one is that we'd all be together under one roof, we only have to plan on one day, and Dedham is pretty nicely located. Not too far for anybody I'd think.

      Another option is Walter's kind offer of the Holliston Masonic hall. This one is very cheap, easy to schedule, but it's just so out of the way for most of us.

      Yet another option is to split the games and gamers up into mini-sessions at a few volunteer's houses on several different weekends. This would kinda be like a Mini Monster Game Month or something. Each weekend perhaps 1 or 2 mini-monster events would be in session. Dave B has already volunteered to host one or perhaps 2 sessions, I could host at least one, and I think Craig and Rob had mentioned they might be able to host one.
      These mini-sessions could comprise about 12 gamers playing about 2 games (or just one session of a particular game). Say one game of something like Adv Civ (6 or 7 players) running concurrently with Roads & Boats (4 or 5 players). That way we wouldn't overwhelm anyone's home. The planning would be a bit tricky given the variety of dates and coordinating games with gamers. I'd assume each host would have to do some of the legwork. But it's more flexible than a single day, less grandiose, and less expensive. Everyone should be able to find a session or two that's not too far afield from them.

      Any thoughts or suggestions one way or another are appreciated. A May or June time frame is the current popular choice. We'll be able to nail things down more solidly when some of the principals return from the Gathering of Friends in a couple of weeks.



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