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mystery rummy 3 quick review

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  • jonnypolite@hotmail.com
    Hi, my name is Patrick, and i play Mystery Rummy. I really don t think i have a problem, but i am addicted to this simple but multiple strategy rummy series.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1 6:47 PM
      Hi, my name is Patrick, and i play Mystery Rummy.

      I really don't think i have a problem, but i am addicted to this
      simple but multiple strategy rummy series. I told Dave B. that i'd
      try to provide a review of the newest in the series, Mystery Rummy 3,
      Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after our latest SSG session, so here goes...

      It's still rummy at heart, with multiple suits of 5 cards each, with
      the twist being that the suits are designated J for Jekyll, H for
      Hyde, or J/H for suits that count as both Jekyll and Hyde. The
      unique mechanism in this version of MR is that there is a two sided
      card (the 'identity card') on the table next to the draw deck, which
      has Jekyll on one side, and Hyde on the other. At the start of the
      game, Dr. Jekyll is showing, but this can change if a "potion" card
      is played (one of the three gavel cards, cards you can only play one
      of on your turn). You then flip the identity card over, and draw 2
      cards from the draw deck. This is important, because you can only
      play melds whose suit matches the identity that is currently

      The identity card is important in scoring as well, because any melds
      that match the identity card when scoring count double, and during
      scoring if all your meld suits match the current identity card, you
      shut the other player out! This makes for a tense endgame,
      especially if you're trying to go for a shutout, because there is a
      card ('transformation') that can change the value of your or an
      opponents meld from one suit to another.

      Add in one more gavel card type ('work in lab') which lets you draw
      three cards from the draw deck and keep one, or the top of the
      discard pile, but only if the card you take matches the identity
      currently showing.

      Overall, this seems like a great addition to the MR series; It seems
      a little more hectic at times, with the identity changing back and
      forth, limiting your playable melds, but one thing i really like
      about the MR series, each has a different set of overlapping
      strategies. I also like the fact that you can change strategies mid-
      hand, and usually not get too hurt as a result. This does seem like
      a high scoring version, David and i were each scoring 30-40 points a
      round, but i think the shutout rule might make it so someone can pull
      ahead in the end. It'd be nice if it played 3 or 4 players (it's 2
      player only), but we're not convinced that it wouldn't take 3 or 4,
      David Rapp sez that he playtested it with three and that it worked in
      that previous incarnation. Whatever, it'll hit the table again soon
      once it gets widely released, Thanks to Scott for bringing his copy
      to SSG, i'm not sure he played it once saturday, but i managed to
      play it three times:)

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