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Re: Protoype: Theme Park

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  • huber@jailhs.hlo.dec.com
    ... Dave forwarded the mail to me; it seemed to make the most sense to just reply here. (I won t be receiving mail, or normally reading the list, though - so
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2001
      Randall asked:

      > I remember Kasey pointing out a prototype game at Unity Games 2, a
      > card game that was apparently about operating a theme park. I am a
      > Roller Coaster Tycoon junkie as well as a Disneyphile, so would
      > appreciate any info on the game. I wanted to play, but they already
      > had a foursome.

      ...and John responded...

      > I played in that game. The game was Joe's (unfortunately, I do not
      > know the last name), and I played along with Scott H. and Elaine
      > (Elayne?).
      > The game was tenatively called "Theme Park", for lack of anything
      > else.
      > It was definitely fun and interesting. I think the game could
      > potentially be a five player game, though I am not certain of that.
      > I could try to describe the game some more, but if Joe is reading
      > this, he's likely to give a much better description.

      Dave forwarded the mail to me; it seemed to make the most sense to
      just reply here. (I won't be receiving mail, or normally reading the
      list, though - so please copy me via email if you actually want me to
      see any replies...)

      The name of the game is Theme Park, though as John implies it's more
      for lack of a better name than because I actually like the rather
      bland name "Theme Park".

      The game is specifically designed to handle 3-5 players. Players
      develop their parks by building rides, attractions, and scenery to
      attract both local and national visitor with varying priorities. For
      instance, a visitor who enjoys the nostalgia of visiting an amusement
      park will gladly visit a park with a Virginia Reel - but a new coaster
      isn't going to bring them in. Player can additionally advertise,
      survey local customers (who are generally not as well understood as
      the national customers), and urge ride manufacturers to offer
      different options. Theme Park takes ~30 minutes to play. If anyone
      going the Gathering is interested in playtesting it, just let me know.

      I have developed one additional similarly themed game (Oktoberfest -
      wherein players are Oktoberfest visitors, each trying to have the most
      fun during the day), and have two similar games I will someday get
      together (Roller Coaster, where each player builds a roller coaster
      during the off-season, with the winner being the player who has built
      the best coaster, and 1955, an 18XX-styled game wherein payouts are
      based upon the number of visitors - a game which I expect to have
      ready for playtest around 2038 or so...)

      Joe (who last year managed four amusement park visits - far and away
      the best I've done since my older son Ben was born - is four different
      states in four different parts of the country (TX, CA, OH, MA)
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