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Unity Games II

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  • Randall Peek
    Kudos to the organizers of this event. Kasey and I had never been to a game gathering before, so it was a new experience for the two of us, despite my long
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 19, 2001
      Kudos to the organizers of this event. Kasey and I had never been to
      a game gathering before, so it was a new experience for the two of
      us, despite my long history of game collecting and playing. The whole
      day went off wonderfully, and everyone was so darned nice!

      What we played/Random Thoughts

      Started the day with Die Handler. I nearly won, but Walter had a
      commanding lead on cash when we tied doe social level. Everyone
      seemed to like the 'nice bits' of this game.

      Traumfabrik - Not quite as good as I expected from Dr. Knizia, but
      definitely a good game. Bruce won by a large margin, despite his
      exceedingly mild manner throughout the game.

      Horror House - Kasey really liked this one, and wants me to print it
      out so we can have a set of our own. Odd little variant on the
      Pacific Storm card game with some nice horror artwork.

      ...really would have liked to meet Alan Moon, but was too shy to walk
      up and introduce myself. He seemed busy throughout his stay. Should
      have gotten my copy of Wongar autographed, too!

      ...We didn't play Carabande, but Kasey was definitely eyeing it. I
      think it might go on my Must-Have list. Everyone that played seemed
      to be having a great time.

      ...Autoscooter also had the visual appeal that Kasey loves. I'd like
      to know more about it before buying, though.

      Ta Yu - Kasey played against Mark Edwards in a fairly close game.
      Nice chunky tiles, but a little too abstract for my personal tastes.

      Torres - I don't remember who the other players were, but I was in
      last place for most of the game and made a nice comeback at the end
      to be a commanding 3rd place, hehehehe....

      Merchants of Amsterdam - Most cards were getting auctioned off for
      WAY too much, and I was hoping my wait-and-see approach would score
      big, but again I came in a resounding 3rd. Everyone seemed to enjoy
      the silly auction clock. It was during this ame that Kasey fell in
      love with Carabande at the next table.

      ...I think I managed not to be photographed during the day, while
      Kasey shows up in a couple at the site. Fine with me, as I am
      notoriously un-photogenic.

      KK&K - Another one that Kasey really liked. She joined in just before
      the game began when her game of Settlers of Catan broke up. Kasey
      really wants this one. Now if only we can find a copy!

      ...the mystery game played at one of the middle table in one of the
      photographs? That was TSR's The Great Khan Game, by Tom Wham. Silly
      melding game that has a board to keep track of who controls which

      ...my copy of Princes of Florence got used, which was nice, but I
      STILL HAVEN'T PLAYED IT!!! Never seemed to be a game starting when I
      was available.

      ...odd that there wasn't a single copy of Java in the place. I did
      not bring it, thinking it would be horribly redundant to do so.

      ...already thinking what games I should bring in the fall. Dark
      Tower, perhaps, and maybe even my Eon Cosmic Encounter with all the

      ...I am miffed I didn't have twenty bucks handy for a San Marco or
      Capitol. If I had only known in advance! Anguish!

      Settlers of Catan - as mentioned earlier, Kasey played this, her
      favorite game. Apparently the die rolls were freakish to the extreme,
      and Kasey was shut out early, with another player winning in a very
      short match.

      ...passed over Ponte Vecchio for Condotierre at the prize table,
      which was a mistake. Condo is a good game, but Kasey loves
      negotiation games, in which camp Ponte Vecchio squarely sits.

      I had a blast. Kasey had a blast. Hope we can attend UG3!

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