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Re: More statistics, because I like them

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  • Craig Massey
    ... Boston) ... out in the boonies) ... by Scholars Games) The dank dungeon reference is better applied to SNOB. BLAH is at Andrew s home. One other acronym
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 16, 2001
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      --- In Unity_Games@y..., "D. Campbell MacInnes" <haleon@s...> wrote:

      > They are all the names of Game Groups/Sessions.
      > Off the top of my head, they break down as follows (and I am sure I
      will get some wrong):
      > B&N == Barnes & Noble (Walpole)
      > MVGA == Merrimack Valley Gamers Association (Holliston)
      > SNOB == Slightly North Of Boston (Your Move Games in Cambridge)
      > BLAH == Boston Ludophiles, Andrew Hosting (in some dank dungeon in
      > SSG == South Shore Gamers (Dedham)
      > GSG == Guy Stuff Gamers (South Attleboro, not North Attleboro; way
      out in the boonies)
      > B20 == Bridgewater Gaming (In the Church hall in Bridgewater, hosted
      by Scholars Games)

      The dank dungeon reference is better applied to SNOB. BLAH is at
      Andrew's home.

      One other acronym to add to the list - WAGG which is Wakefield Area
      Gaming Group which I host at my home usually the 2nd and 4th fridays
      of the month. Dinner is almost always included in this deal (that's
      the only reason Dave Rapp comes)

      This is semi open which means I don't post upcoming sessions to the UG
      list (in deference to Alison's battle with the autoposter), but if
      people are interesting in attending, a quick email letting me know
      they are interested is enough to get an "invite" to the next one.

      Sessions usually have between 8 and 12 people though we have exceeded
      12 in the past. Twelve is about the max comfort level for gaming at
      my place except on rare occassions (we had 18 at a thanksgiving day
      bash!!!), hence the semi open nature.

      But to stress again, if anyone is interested in friday nite gaming in
      Wakefield - north side of town - please drop me an email - new
      attendees are always welcome.

      And, I'm looking for a place to host friday nite gaming in the area
      that is a bit bigger allowing for more attendees.

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