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Re: [Unity_Games] Unity Games Charter - Rev 6

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  • Richard Meyer
    Dave -- If not too inconvenient, I would appreciate if you could switch my status from all email to digest mode. I ve had a couple of occasions when the total
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      Dave -- If not too inconvenient, I would appreciate if you could switch my
      status from all email to digest mode. I've had a couple of occasions when
      the total flow of traffic has chewed up my buffer, but still want to keep
      track of the ongoing discussions. Thanks.


      At 03:02 PM 7/30/00 -0400, you wrote:
      >Rev 6 - July 30, 2000
      >Welcome to Unity Games. We are an open discussion group which
      >includes members of various game groups in the Eastern
      >Massachusetts and surrounding areas (parts of RI and NH) plus
      >interested gamers from the region.
      >The "Unity Games" list is aimed at discussing games and game
      >related events in the local area. The emphasis is on German/Euro
      >style games and open game gatherings in the area where you can
      >find opponents. Generally, the list serves as a pool of
      >interested gamers from the area. It is acceptable to look for
      >specific opponents to specific games (for example, "Looking for
      >Battle Cry Opponent...", "Need 4 for Partnership Lost Cities",
      >etc). If you wish to form a game get-together, you can ask for
      >recruits using the list.
      >I also see no reason why people cannot post for-sale or for-trade
      >messages as well. Sometimes it is easier to sell something to a
      >local - saves shipping, payment hassles, etc. I would say,
      >however, no auctions on this forum.
      >The list is moderated - but with free and open postings. Should
      >any discussion get badly off topic or out of hand, we reserve the
      >right to warn and possibly suspend or ban existing members.
      >Harsh - yes, but it keeps the group focused on local game related
      >If you have a members you would like to add, just ask me
      >(dber@...) or Mark Edwards (dangermouse@...) and we
      >can invite them to the list. In addition, if someone is already
      >registered with egroups (it's free and seemed very easy), they
      >can sign-up easily at:
      >After being added to the list, it's courteous to announce
      >yourself to the group. Something short is fine - describing who
      >you are, general area you live in and the games you like to play.
      >We also have a small database you might consider adding yourself
      >to at:
      >This list should be a resource - to keep interested people in the
      >area informed of the various open gaming efforts. It also serves
      >as a pool of players looking to try a specific game which they
      >might otherwise have difficulty finding players. General game
      >discussion is also fine.
      >Finally, be aware that the Unity Games list can generate quite a
      >bit of email traffic. In it's first month, there was an average
      >of 13 emails per day - about 400 for the entire month of July.
      >You can switch to Digest mode (where you only receive 1 or 2
      >emails containing a digest of the posts for each day) or can view
      >by Web browser. These options can be set at the
      >http://www.egroups.com/group/Unity_Games website or you can email
      >me (see below) to change the option for you. If this will be a
      >problem for you, you can always UNSUBSCRIBE by sending an email
      >to Unity_Games-unsubscribe@egroups.com
      >Enjoy the list.
      >Dave Bernazzani
      >Unity Games Moderator
      >Web page for Unity Games member database, files, polls, etc.
      >To UNSUBSCRIBE from The Unity Games mailing list, please send an email to:
      Unity_Games-unsubscribe@egroups.com or visit the Unity Games page above and
      Unsubscribe from there.
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