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Unity Games Charter - Rev 6

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Rev 6 - July 30, 2000 UNITY GAMES - INTRODUCTION AND GOALS (Please READ) ... Welcome to Unity Games. We are an open discussion group which includes members
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      Rev 6 - July 30, 2000


      Welcome to Unity Games. We are an open discussion group which
      includes members of various game groups in the Eastern
      Massachusetts and surrounding areas (parts of RI and NH) plus
      interested gamers from the region.

      The "Unity Games" list is aimed at discussing games and game
      related events in the local area. The emphasis is on German/Euro
      style games and open game gatherings in the area where you can
      find opponents. Generally, the list serves as a pool of
      interested gamers from the area. It is acceptable to look for
      specific opponents to specific games (for example, "Looking for
      Battle Cry Opponent...", "Need 4 for Partnership Lost Cities",
      etc). If you wish to form a game get-together, you can ask for
      recruits using the list.

      I also see no reason why people cannot post for-sale or for-trade
      messages as well. Sometimes it is easier to sell something to a
      local - saves shipping, payment hassles, etc. I would say,
      however, no auctions on this forum.

      The list is moderated - but with free and open postings. Should
      any discussion get badly off topic or out of hand, we reserve the
      right to warn and possibly suspend or ban existing members.
      Harsh - yes, but it keeps the group focused on local game related

      If you have a members you would like to add, just ask me
      (dber@...) or Mark Edwards (dangermouse@...) and we
      can invite them to the list. In addition, if someone is already
      registered with egroups (it's free and seemed very easy), they
      can sign-up easily at:


      After being added to the list, it's courteous to announce
      yourself to the group. Something short is fine - describing who
      you are, general area you live in and the games you like to play.
      We also have a small database you might consider adding yourself
      to at:


      This list should be a resource - to keep interested people in the
      area informed of the various open gaming efforts. It also serves
      as a pool of players looking to try a specific game which they
      might otherwise have difficulty finding players. General game
      discussion is also fine.

      Finally, be aware that the Unity Games list can generate quite a
      bit of email traffic. In it's first month, there was an average
      of 13 emails per day - about 400 for the entire month of July.
      You can switch to Digest mode (where you only receive 1 or 2
      emails containing a digest of the posts for each day) or can view
      by Web browser. These options can be set at the
      http://www.egroups.com/group/Unity_Games website or you can email
      me (see below) to change the option for you. If this will be a
      problem for you, you can always UNSUBSCRIBE by sending an email
      to Unity_Games-unsubscribe@egroups.com

      Enjoy the list.

      Dave Bernazzani
      Unity Games Moderator
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