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SR: GC3 - 2/23/01 (a bit long)

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  • David Fontes
    Only three of us again this week: me, Tom, Junko Games played: The Hills Rise Wild!, Clash of the Lightsabers x3, Hera & Zeus. The Hills Rise Wild! - if ever a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2001
      Only three of us again this week: me, Tom, Junko
      Games played: The Hills Rise Wild!, Clash of the Lightsabers x3, Hera &
      The Hills Rise Wild! - if ever a game called for a detailed session
      report, this is the game! Also, if you are potentially offended by a
      game's theme, this one will probably do it. The concept: Four (or in
      case last night, three) inbred clans of redneck/demon hybrids are living
      in the hills "somewhere west of Arkham, Massachusetts." I guess that
      would be out by most of you guys, right? ;) - trying to get their hands
      a copy of the Necronomicon which is locked in "Thuh Mansion." I played
      the Marsh Clan (a fishy group that is apparently descended from an
      unholy coupling of a human and a Deep One, for those of you familiar
      with Lovecraftian lore), Tom played the Cult of Ezekial (a bunch of
      weirdos in cloaks with strange mystical powers), and Junko was the
      deGhoule Clan (a devilish group fond of eating people and such).
      The rules are pretty simple - you move all your characters, then you
      attack (shoot, bite, corrosive vomit, or whatever). It took less time to
      explain the rules then your average Euro-type game. Most of the interest
      comes not from the basic rules, but from the individual character
      The following is a summary based on my somewhat faulty memory:
      I started off in a not-great position - surrounded mostly by empty
      fields with few shacks to explore. So I began lumbering in the general
      direction of Tom's Cult. Unfortunately for me Tom got some _extremely_
      lucky die rolls and blew away one of my characters, Slippy Finn, before
      I was able to do anything at all. Tom's luck continued (he must have
      rolled a 19 or 20 (on a d20) at least seven or eight times - it was
      sick! And another of my characters, the Sea Hag, was soon also very
      close to death. Fortunately for me, Tom's luck made him a target, and
      Junko sent her Clan after him as well. So for most of the mid-game,
      Junko and I had an unspoken truce and we together managed to whittle
      away at the Cult of Ezekial. I managed to take out Brother Jube with a
      well-aimed shot from Captain Obed Marsh's .38 revolver, and then we were
      all pretty much locked into close combat. One of Tom's characters, The
      Chosen, was cutting a swath through the deGhoule Clan, while I was
      basically now holding my own against several other cult members. With
      just two wounded members of the deGhoule's left (a very strong (but
      severely wounded) character by the name of Grave, and another by the
      name of Fortune that had lived up to his name and survived several
      rounds of combat with the Cult of Ezekial), The Chosen turned his
      attention to the Marshes. I had three characters left, as did Tom. One
      of my better characters, Junior, had just been stunned by a Black Wand
      attack from Brother Rsorr, and The Chosen came up behind him and rolled,
      typically, two 20s in a row, reducing Junior to a splatter on the
      ground. But then it was payback time, and my Sea Hag, still hanging on
      with one life point left, charred The Chosen to ashes with her final
      Blue Bolt Spell. At this point all three of us had only two characters
      left. The Sea Hag ran and hid, having spent all her magic, and being
      pretty useless in hand-to-hand combat. Captain Obed Marsh squared off
      against Brother S'zill, while Brother Rsorr was finishing off Fortune.
      Grave was high-tailing it for the "Moon-Wine Still," which gives back
      Life Points if you stay and sip for a round. When Fortune finally gave
      up the ghost, Tom sent Brother Rsorr, toting Ole Bessie (a Gatlin' Gun)
      to join Brother S'zill in his battle against Captain Marsh. While I
      managed to do some damage, it was a short fight after that, and the good
      Captain went down. At this point, I used the Sea Hag's special ability,
      which is to transport back to her home base and be healed to full life
      points. She was still pretty useless in combat, but at least, I figured,
      she might be able to hang on for a while. Tom made the mistake of coming
      after me first. The two Brothers invaded the Marsh homestead, and the
      Sea Hag rushed them! Finally, Tom's luck ran out, and he missed twice,
      while I actually managed to do some tiny amount of damage. Second round
      I didn't fair quite so well, but I was still surviving. Meanwhile, a
      freshly healed Grave poked his head in the window and, with his last
      bullet from his .22 rifle, shot Brother Rsorr right between the eyes
      (given the number of eyes that Brother Rsorr has, this could be anywhere
      on his body!). It was now a one on one on one battle! Of course, the Sea
      Hag was wounded and not very dangerous, Brother S'zill was wounded, too,
      and Grave was out of ammo. Grave made a run for "Fred's Ammo Shack,"
      while the Sea Hag broke off combat with Brother S'zill to grab Ole
      Bessie from the cold dead hands of Brother Rsorr. Now I could do some
      damage! I figured Grave was the biggest threat at that point, so I
      crawled out the window and tried to shoot him in the back.
      Unfortunately, I missed. Just as unfortunately, Brother S'zill followed
      me out the window and stabbed me. Aieee! The Sea Hag was no more! S'zill
      then made a mad dash for the Moon-Wine Still, but Grave had already
      reloaded, and just as S'zill was settling down for a nice long drink of
      Moon-Wine, the door burst open and Grave shot him dead! A win for Junko!
      In case, you couldn't tell from the description, we had an absolute
      blast playing this game! We hope to get Bert to join us next week. After
      blowing us off for two weeks in a row, he has a surprise waiting for
      him. Tom, Junko and I will be playing with secret victory conditions -
      whoever kills the most of Bert's characters wins. It should be ugly!
      Junko retired after her victory, and Tom and I finished off the night
      with a few rounds of Clash of the Lightsabers (he won two, I won one)
      and a game of Hera & Zeus. Although I've owned this game for a while,
      this was actually the first time I'd gotten a chance to play it. I think
      it has great potential, although neither of us really knew what we were
      doing! I ended up losing through a fairly bone-headed maneuver -
      attacking with the Giant who was heading up the column where my hostage
      was being held. It turned out I attacked Pandora, resulting in the
      elimination of that entire column. D'oh! Great fun, though, and I look
      forward to playing it some more.
      Ah well, hope everyone is having fun at Total Con! Just too long of a
      drive for me. I will be at UG II, though!
      David Fontes http://www.mmiusa.com/ookpik/
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