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Re: [Unity_Games] Introducing Me

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  • Mark Edwards
    Hiya Ben! My friend Dan grew up in Rumford, in fact he and his family are back living with his mom for a few months while they look for a new home. I m in
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 6, 2001
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      Hiya Ben!

      My friend Dan grew up in Rumford, in fact he and his family are back living with his mom for a few months while they look for a new home. I'm in South Attleboro so I'm not too far way.

      Apparently you found the list through my web page so you know a bit about me, GSG and Unity Games. I host a session on Tuesday nights each week at my house (although that is subject to change, prior to Dan and another member moving we would alternate host duties). If you're available and interested send me an email and I'll give you directions, etc. We start at around 6:30pm.

      Also there's other sessions sprinkled about, most further north. There's Monday nights at the Walpole Barnes & Noble and another at Your Move Games in Somerville, Wednesday nights are BLAH in Boston, Thursday nights at MVGA in Holliston, Friday night's it's B20 at Scholar's in Bridgewater, and Saturday nights its at St John of Damascus in Dedham. A couple of us carpool up to the Saturday session, so if you're interested in that one just contact me. It's a little over a halfhour from say Shaw's plaza on Newport Ave (my house is a couple of miles from there). Anyway all of that is in the Calendar section open to your perusal.

      I've got more games than I care to admit (although I'm not in Pitt's class, he's a game collecting lunatic! ;-) ). So if you want to try out lots of games come on over for a session. And we've got plenty of games that aren't the brain burner type so you're wife is more than welcome too!


      "Aleka & GrillCake" wrote:

      > Hello All
      > I was searching for local gamers on the net and while I didn't expect
      > a Spanish Inquisition I did find what I was looking for.
      > My name is Ben. I will also answer to GrillCake or McDirge. I moved
      > here a little over a year ago and I now live in Rumford RI. I am a
      > software engineer when I'm not playing Games. I am married to the
      > other alias you will see if you look at my profile. While She does
      > play games with me She is not into the heavy duty brain cramping like
      > I am.
      > Currently my collection includes El Grande, Settlers(with the Cities
      > and Knights Exp), Tikal, La Citta, Torres, Euphrate & Tigris, Acquire
      > and a few others. However I rarely play acquire anymore cause I
      > burned out on it a few years ago( It used to be my only good (non-all-
      > day) game). Theres about 10 other games that I have played but dont
      > have. And theres tons Ive seen but haven't yet had the opportunity to
      > learn.
      > Anyway I hope to meet some of you soon
      > Ben
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      Mark Edwards

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