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Re: [Unity_Games] Kids at Unity Games II

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  • Joseph McSweeney
    Pokemon cards are good gifts!!! Plastic card sleeves for their cards are good too. I ll think of some more things as well. ... From: Mark Edwards
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2001
      Pokemon cards are good gifts!!! Plastic card sleeves for their cards are
      good too. I'll think of some more things as well.

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      From: Mark Edwards <dangermouse_1964@...>
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      Subject: [Unity_Games] Kids at Unity Games II

      > I tried to send this post out yesterday, but apparently it got lost
      > in the ether-net (hah!).
      > I was thinking of putting together a little "Gamer's Toolkit" for
      > the kids aged 13 and under (I just picked that age outta my head). I
      > figure the adults don't much care if they come away with anything
      > from the prize table, but kids are a bit different about such stuff.
      > So, at the very least we'd have a grab bag for em. It'd be a
      > collection of stuff you'd need for say playing Cheapass games. I've
      > got extra dice, pawns, glass beads, one lego mini-fig (Dr. Lucky!)
      > and the cloth bag to store them in. But I could use some suggestions
      > for what else should go into the bag, and of course any supplies of
      > such suggestions would be nice too.
      > I was thinking about making up about 15 of these bags, but I'm not
      > sure of the number of kids involved either. Anyone got any
      > guesstimates? Anyone remember how many were there for UG I?
      > Speaking of kids, I completely understand where Dave is coming from
      > in his SSG policy. It takes a little extra patience and tolerance to
      > play a game with a youngun. It also depends on your comfort level
      > with children also. Not everyone is "kid friendly".
      > And vice-versa not all kids are up to behaving at an adult level in
      > these social situations. Some of their social skills are pretty
      > rough around the edges, their attention wanders, etc. (sounds like
      > me! ;-) ).
      > Having said all that, just like last time, Unity Games II is a wide
      > open family event. So kids are of course very welcome. But please
      > understand that not all kids can play all games and not every person
      > you meet is ready or wants to play parent while gaming. So keep an
      > eye on your kids and make sure they don't get in over their heads.
      > (Or just send them to play a huge 6 board 12 player game of RoboRally
      > with Pete and Dan! Heheh).
      > Mark
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