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Open gaming 1pm-midnight+ in Salem NH this Saturday (5/17)

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  • Jeff Michaud
    Open gaming 1pm til midnight+ in Salem NH this Saturday May 17th. If you can t make it this Saturday it s almost (actually I ve never known it not to be and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2014
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      Open gaming 1pm til midnight+ in Salem NH this Saturday
      May 17th.  If you can't make it this Saturday it's almost
      (actually I've never known it not to be and probably has been
      for this groups 30+ year history) always the 3rd Saturday of
      every month.

      Le Marshalate is a gaming group that I've only been playing
      with for the last few years but has been
      meeting/gaming for over 30 years.

      Cost is FREE for 1ST TIMERs, $5 for everyone else (up to
      paying a max of $30 in a calendar year).  The cost goes
      toward paying for the hall rental.

      Types of games played are varied, I'm mainly a Euro player
      myself but there is always an 18xx game played by some,
      some come specifically for play a war game (with tweezers
      sometimes!), and a crayon rail game is also possible (Empire
      Builder, etc).

      A new thing that started this year is also having a bonus session
      on the 4th or 5th Saturday of the month... right now it's still TBD
      if there will be one for June but I'll send out another message
      at the beginner of the week if there is.


      Discussion thread on BGG:

      *** also I've sold a bunch of games last year and now that I'm
      back up here for the Summer I still have lots more (some I'm
      making for sale for the 1st time)... I can bring any of them with
      me this Saturday if you are interested, no commitment to buy...
      see http://tinyurl.com/kgkenpa

      Directions to the American Legion:
      From 93 North take exit 2.
      Turn right onto Main Street  (Route 97).
      Go through 3 lights (there is a fourth at a school that just stays green)  About 1.2 miles
      Turn left onto Milville St at the  Sovereign bank.
      Go 1/4 mile to the American Legion on your right (just  before Lancaster School)

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