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UGXX: Ballrooms and Efficient Use of Table Space

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  • Adam Smiles
    I hope everyone is looking forward to Unity Games tomorrow as much as I am. To accommodate our growing numbers, we ve added a second ballroom. The Grand
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      I hope everyone is looking forward to Unity Games tomorrow as much as I am.

      To accommodate our growing numbers, we've added a second ballroom.  The Grand Ballroom will continue to be our main gaming space.  It will be used 100% for open gaming.  The Jump Start area will also be located in the Grand Ballroom.  The Registration Table and Charity Auction will continue to be located in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom.  The North Shore Ballroom is located on the other side of the hotel.  It will be used for a number of different purposes.  It will house our Teaching Area and any Special Events we are running.  It will also be where the Math Trade games can be picked up and dropped off.  We will also have a quiet room (North Shore C) for those who are a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of gamers in the Grand Ballroom.  There will also additional tables if the Grand Ballroom gets too full or people just want to play in the smaller room.  Please keep in mind that you must first go the Foyer of the Grand Ballroom to check in at the Registration Table.  Also note that there will be very few tables for storing games in the North Shore Ballroom.
      We're expecting approximately 800 people, but planning for the possibility that we get 1000 people.  It all depends how many people pay at the door.  We've got seating for 700 in the Grand Ballroom and 300 in the North Shore Ballroom.  If our numbers are on the high side, we're going to get very cozy. Since we're all gamers, we're going to play a meta-game of using our table space as efficiently as possible.  It's a big cooperative game where we all win (or lose) in the end.
      We will have a mix of rectangular and round tables.  The rectangular tables will be either 14 or 16 feet long and seat 15 or 16 people each (the 14 foot tables will have a seat at the head of one end).  Unless there are 6+ player games happening, we'd like to see 3-4 games being played at each of these tables.  The round tables seat 10 people each.  If you've got a game that requires a large amount of space (advanced civilization anyone?), these tables are great.  If you're playing a smaller game, please make room so that another group can share the table with you.
      There will also be seating for 70 in the ballroom foyer (3 large tables and 10 cocktail style tables with 4 chairs each).  As much as possible, we'd like to us these for eating and not games.  But if the ballrooms are getting crowded or it's not during lunch or dinner, then feel free to use them for gaming.
      The same goes for the outside tables where we store our games.  Only use as much space as you absolutely need.  If you've only brought 6 games with you, they should be in a single stacked tower and not spread out taking up half of the table.
      for the UG Steerage Committee
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