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Framingcon wrap-up and other news

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  • muttstain2
    Attendees: Aaron F, Aaron M, Andrea, Andy L, Arlene, Arya, Bill K, Brian H, Brian R, Bruce R, Bruce S, Cassandra, Cheryl, Chip, Christine, Dan B, Daniel, Dave
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2013
      Attendees: Aaron F, Aaron M, Andrea, Andy L, Arlene, Arya, Bill K, Brian H, Brian R, Bruce R, Bruce S, Cassandra, Cheryl, Chip, Christine, Dan B, Daniel, Dave H, Dave (2), Dave (3), David K, David W, David (3), Emannuelle, Fran, Gary, George, Jacob, James, Jerry, Jocelyn, Jennifer, Joe D, Joe M, Joe R, John C, Judy, Karl, Karyn, Kathleen, Kelli, Kimberly, Kirby, Kyle, Laurie, Lee Ann, Lynda, Marc D, Marc M, Mark K, Marty, Mary Anne, Mike C, Nancy, Nate, Noah, Perry, Pete D(1), Pete D (2), Randi, Rick, Rob, Robin, Ronald, Ryan, Sandy, Seth, Vitas and me. (as always, if I missed anyone, I apologize)
      Not sure why I was worried about attendance over the holiday weekend. The house was packed, especially on Saturday. Every table was in use, and we even had to set up an extra one in the kitchen. There were 28 people Friday, 55 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. 69 different people were here for the weekend and if you count the cat we hit 70!) Around 10 people were at their first FRAMINGCON. Hopefully they will be back.
      Despite all the games, the baby was the center of attention. I'm glad Pete and Kimberly were able to bring Arya to her first FRAMINGCON.

      Thanks to all who attended, especially Chip for the game demos of "Rhyme Reply" (which will be available soon from Game Salute in their "Princess Bride" series) and "Chroma Cubes" which is available directly from Chip ( chip@...) ; Jerry for once again running a very fun Saturday night party game; Aaron for chasing all over town for a new propane tank (I made sure there was propane in the old one, but whoever closed it last time tightened it so much that we broke the stem off when we went to start the grill, and it was 10 minutes after the local hardware store closed. Lowe's apparently doesn't carry propane, but the 3rd stop at Home Depot did the trick); and George for manning the grill. Also a thanks to Paul for picking up the track lighting for me. Too bad he got sick and was unable to make it. We were able to barely light the last table, and I even managed to play my first Tichu game in 2 years on that table. And a special thanks to whoever brought the half-chicken, as it was a nice 19th birthday gift for B'etor who actually spent a great deal of time hanging out; a far cry from the old days when the Lursa and B'Etor would cower in the bedroom whenever there was a party. After all these years, I just realized that my roommate and cat share a birthday...
      Once again, "Shadow Hunters" was the most played game of the weekend. I have found a US based alternative to Artscow (Popcorn Press) and will soon be adding characters 61-70 to the set, at which point I will make all 50 of my homebrew characters available there (I won't put up the original 10 or the 10 published expansion characters)
      While I have been complaining about some pretty terrible Kickstarter games I have recently gotten, there have been quite a few good ones. We had a classic game of "Boss Monster" (though I think the "Freeze" spell is a bit too powerful), and "Dungeon Roll" (with one player killing 5 - or was it 7?- Dragons on one turn and making it all the way to level 10). "Walk the Plank" is silly and random, but lots of fun, and "Romans Go Home" and "Sushi Go" are short, easy  to learn and quite enjovable. "Monster Con" is an enjoyable trick taking game. A couple of minor tweaks to the official rules, and it works very well. We have now started to mix and match the characters from the 4 sets, and play with more than 4 people.
      We even managed to get in a couple of games of classic "Cosmic Encounter". I knew Andy was going to stab me in the back at the end; I just wasn't sure how - stupid "wild Plant!"
      I was happy to get to try "Space Cadets' for the first (and likely last) time. It was a unique experience; just not my type of game. I also discovered that with the right people, "Seasons" and "Castles of Burgundy" flow very quickly as 3-player games.
      I am not sure what happened, but someone managed to mess around with the equipment in the theater. All of the relays were moved and not facing each other, which probably explains why the BUZZ controllers and ROCK BAND were not working properly. When I went to use the remote on Monday, nothing worked at all. PLEASE do not move things around in the control room. If you are unsure of what you are doing, please ask me!!!
      In other news:
      I still have one extra copy of "Scoundrels of Skullport" to sell, as CoolStuffInc accidentally shipped me extras. It is $26 - (you got a bargain Dave, as I mis-remembered the price). If nobody wants it this week, I will send it back.
      I managed to sell off a few of my older games, but I still have a bunch to get rid of. The more expensive ones are up at BGG, but I have a bunch of $5 and under things too. I'll get the full list together shortly for anyone who is interested. I really need to get rid of some things, as I have a bunch more Kickstarter games headed here soon.
      I am still looking for another tenant. After Krista backed out, I had another potential, but apparently he did not get into Framingham State, so he has bailed as well. $500 per month includes all utilities and full use of the games and the theater.
      Cancellation Hearts has been canceled for September (too close to Framingcon) but the next one will be the fist Friday in October. Please let me know if you plan to attend. I need at least 6 RSVP's in advance for this event to happen.
      This Tuesday's movie will be the cult sensation "SHARKNADO". See it unedited and without commercials. (I'm sure it will be SO much better that way) Season one of Wilfred continues at 7:00, followed by the movie at 8:00.
      My plans for next weekend have changed, so we are going to do one more flea market run on Sunday if anyone wants to join us. There will also be a trip to the Davis Megamaze in October or November. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more, once I have set a date for this.
      Because of the February storm, the schedule got a bit messed up this year. There will one more FRAMINGCON before the end of the year, and Jerry may not be able to get more time off, so if anyone (Rob?) wants to volunteer to run the party game for that one, please let me know. It will probably be in early December.
      That's it for now. I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves, and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
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