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FRAMINGCON reminder August 30th - Sept 1st / Game order ? / Help needed

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  • muttstain2
    It s just two weeks until the next Framingcon and things are progressing well. Jerry has once again volunteered to run his version of Team Jeopardy for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2013
      It's just two weeks until the next Framingcon and things are progressing
      well. Jerry has once again volunteered to run his version of "Team Jeopardy"
      for the Saturday night party game. I was not familiar with the concept, but
      it worked out very well last time. I manned the grill for dinner on
      Saturday last time and didn't blow up anything, but if anyone is willing to help
      this time, I would appreciate it.

      I have had a number of requests from out of state guests for sleeping
      space, but there is still plenty of room for people to stay over. If you know
      you are planning to crash here, please let me know as soon as you can so I
      can book the best remaining space.

      Regulars can skip this next part, but for those of you who have not
      attended before, FRAMINGCON begins on Friday night at 7:30 and runs through
      Sunday night around midnight (or a bit later). People are free to come all three
      days, or drop by for a short visit. I have hundreds of games, a regulation
      size pool table, and a home theater which is available for either
      multi-player video games (such as BUZZ and Rock Band), or movies. I have over 6,000
      DVD's and 1,500 TV box sets to choose from. On Saturday night, there will
      be a cookout, and after dinner, the theater is reserved for a big party game
      that everyone is encouraged to join in.
      I have been running this event three to four times a year for 30 or so
      years now.

      As always this event is open to all members of Unity Games, MENSA, FRAGS,
      SOG, Meetup, friends, friends of friends, and really, anyone who is seeing
      this invitation.

      FRAGS continues to meet every Thursday night at 7:30. Attendance is usually
      around 12-15 people. Movie nights are on Tuesdays, where we usually screen
      some cheesy B-grade horror or sci-fi films. Again, all are welcome.

      In other news, I am trying to put a game order in this week with
      CoolStuffinc. I am ordering the Lords of Waterdeep Expansion that is out on the
      20th, and am hoping to get enough other games in the order to get over $100 for
      free shipping. If anyone wants to get in on the order, please let me know
      by this weekend.

      Lastly, it's time to move the DVD's again, as the shelves are once again
      packed too tight. This project is much easier with 2 people, and should take
      about an hour. If anyone can help (maybe next Thursday before FRAGS) please
      let me know.

      That's if for now. One more reminder should follow next week.

      I hope to see many of you soon.


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