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100 Games Sale -- **New Date JUNE 2nd **

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  • chefdave28
    Several people expressed interest but the date did not work for them. I am posting a new date in hopes that this might work for 10 people. Help Me Reduce My
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2013
      Several people expressed interest but the date did not work for them. I am posting a new date in hopes that this might work for 10 people.

      Help Me Reduce My Collection by 100

      *** respond directly to me not to this post ***

      I need to trim down my game collection. This is where 10 lucky people come in.
      On June 2nd, I will be having an open house where those who are willing to pay
      $120 will walk away with a minimum of 10 quality games (perhaps more depending
      on the lot taken). In the event that 10 people do not respond to participate by
      June 6th then the event will be cancelled.


      1)Please respond to this post directly to me: chefdave28@... if you want a
      2)If more than 10 people respond, I will maintain a waiting list. On May, 31st I
      will send an email to all participants and if you do not confirm your
      attendance, then those on the waiting list will be contacted. You will also be
      given my address at this time.
      3)Payment in cash of $120 buys one entry into the round robin of game selection.
      Individuals can buy more than one entry but will not be guaranteed consecutive
      order of placement.
      4)Doors will open at 1:00 on June 2nd for anyone willing to check out the games
      and have some munchies. Game boxes can be opened but with over 100
      games parts can not be spread out all over my house. I have noted any issues
      with condition.
      5)At 2 P.M., everyone will gather and be given a number from 1 to 10 for each
      entry fee they have paid. These numbers will then be randomly picked to
      determine the order in which each entry can select a game.
      6)Rounds 1,3,5,7, and 9 the order will be determined by the initial random
      selection of numbers,
      7)Rounds 2,4,6,8,10 will be in reverse order of rounds 1,3,5,7, and 9.
      8)The games will be laid out and when your number is selected you will have a
      total of 1 minute to select one game from those remaining.
      9)The process will continue until round 10 and all the games have been selected.
      10) You must select all 10 games or game lots.
      11)There will be other games available the day of for sale in the $1-$5 range.
      These games will not be included in the games selected during the round robin.
      12)Please bring bags to take the games home. I do not have enough for all the
      games on this list.

      List of Games:

      1)Last Will – Rio Grande Edition played once. Like New
      2)Mansions of Madness – Fantasy Flight Edition. Like New.
      3)Union Pacific – Amigo Edition. English Rule Printout. Language Independent.
      Very Good
      4)Way Out West – Warfrog Edition. Like New.
      5)Merkator – Lookout Games. Like New.
      6)Vinhos – What's Your Game Edition. English Printout of Rules. Language
      Independent. Like New.
      7)Airlines Europe – Rio Grande Edition. Like New.
      8)Yspahan – Ystari/Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      9)End of the Triumvirate – Z-Man Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      10)Heroscape: Rise of Valkerie – Base Game. Missing Rules. Most parts appear
      11)Byzantium – Warfrog Edition. Like New.
      12)Kingsburg + To Forge A Realm Expansion – Fantasy Flight. Both in same box.
      Very good.
      13)Memoir 44 – Days of Wonder. Like New.
      14)Grand Cru – Eggerspiele. English Printout of rules. Like New Condition.
      15)Urban Sprawl – GMT Games. Like New Condition.
      16)Macao – Rio Grande Games. Like New Condition.
      17)Defender's of the Realm – Eagle Games. Like New Condition.
      18)Heartland – Pegasus Spiele. Ding/Dent Copy with one slightly crushed corner.
      19)Fifth Avenue – Rio Grande/Alea – Very Good Condition.
      20)Stratum – Family Game. Good condition. Minimal Shelf Wear.
      21)Battleball – Milton Bradley. New In Shrink.
      22)Siesta – Goldsieber. Good Condition. Minimal Shelf Wear.
      23)The Bridges of Shangri-La – Uberplay Edition. Very Good Condition.
      24)Pizza Box Baseball – Very Good Condition.
      25)Code 777 – Stronghold Games. Like New Condition.
      26)Linie 1 – Goldsieber. Good Condition. Minimal Shelf Wear.
      27)Fabula – Asmodee. Like New Condition.
      28)Campaign Manager 2008 – Z-Man Games. Very Good Condition.
      29)Lord Rings Chess Set – Parker Brothers. Beautiful LotR Miniatures.
      30)Go – Lowe Games Edition. Circa 1950s edition. Heavy Wood Board. Good
      31)Cosmic Encounter – AH edition. Good Condition.
      32)Knights of Charlemagne – Playroom Entertainment. Very Good Condition.
      33)Zertz – Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      34)Dvonn – Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      35)Cities – Emma Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      36)Bucaneer – Queen Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      37)Bazaar – Discovery Toys Special Edition. New In Shrink.
      38)O Zoo le Mio – Rio Grande Edition. Like New Condition.
      39)Seeland – Ravensburger Edition. English Printout of Rules. Language
      40)Masons – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      41)Ivanhoe – GMT Game. Like New Condition.
      42)Blokus – Educational Insights. New In Shrink.
      43)Lord of Rings -- The Duel – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      44)Medici vs. Strozzi – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      45)Restaurant Row – Pair of Dice Games. White Box has few ink stains. Components
      like new.
      46)Carcassonne – Rio Grande Edition with River Expansion. Good Condition.
      47)Quarto – Gigamic Edition. Good Condition. Some shelf wear.
      48)Color Stix – Mindware. Good Condition. Box Top Flap (tuck box style) won't
      stay completely closed.
      49)Fealty – Asmadi Games first edition in white box. Good Condition.
      50)Res Publica – Queen Games Edition. Good Condition.
      51)Race for Galaxy – Rio Grande Edition. Fair Condition. Player copy.
      52)Make N' Break Extreme – Ravensburger. Good Condition.
      53)Liar's Dice – MB Edition. All dice present. Box solid but some shelf wear.
      54)Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers – Rio Grande. Very Good Condition.
      55)Poison – Playroom Entertainment. Good Condition.
      56)The Hobbit – FFG 2010 Edition. One split corner. Parts are like new
      57)Sly – Amway Edition. Sid Sackson 1970s game. Good Condition.
      58)Tuf plus Tuf Abet – AH Editions. Missing 3 timers of the 6 between both
      games. Shelf wear.
      59)Roulette Wheel -- Vintage German. Bakelite. Betting Chips. Missing Original
      Roulette Ball.
      60)Wings War plus 4 planes from Series 1 – FFG. Very good condition.
      61)Travel Blog – Z-Man Games. Very good condition.
      62)Castellars – Devir Edition. Very Good Condition.
      63)Take It To The Limit – Burley Games. Very Good Condition.
      64)Sequence Jumbo – Jax Edition. Large vinyl playing mat. Good condition.
      65)Attack – Eagle Games. Good Condtion.
      66)Catan the Card Game – Mayfair Games. Good Condition.
      67)Yahtzee Package- Jackpot Yahtzee, Challenge Yahtzee, Casino Yahtzee, Showdown
      Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee – MB Editions. Most in Fair to Good Condition with
      remaining pads for all.
      68)Innovation -- Iello Edition. Like New Condition.
      69)Gloria Pickoria – Rio Grande Edition. Like New Condition.
      70)Micro Mutants – Nexus Games. Very Good Condition.
      71)Triumvirate – Indie Board Games. Very Good Condition.
      72)Khet the Laser Game – Innovention Games. Laser Beam Works. Good Condition.
      73)Haggis – Indie Board Games. First Edition in Plastic Box. Slight Crack on
      74)Fairy Tale – Z-Man Edition. Good Condition.
      75)Coloretto Amazonas – Abacus Spiele. English Printout of Rules. Like New.
      76)Roll Through the Ages – Eagle Games. First Edition. Imprints on dice marked.
      Good Condition.
      77)Clippers – Euro Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      78)Hotels – Milton Bradley. Good condition. All pieces present.
      79)Byzanz – Amigo. Like New Condition. English rules printout.
      80)BullenParty – Amigo. Like New Condition. English rules printout.
      81)Knatsch – Abacus Spiele. Good Condition. Expansions Included. English Rules
      82)Genial Das Kartenspiel – Kosmos. English Rules on BGG.
      83)Serengeti – Abacus Spiele with English Rules. Like New Condition.
      84)Pocket Battles: Celts vs. Romans – Z-Man Games. Like New Condition.
      85)Hornochsen – Amigo Edition. English rules printout. Like New Condition.
      86)Manitou – Goldsieber Edition. Very Good Condition. English Rules Printout.
      87)Bugs – Valley Games Edition. Like New Condition.
      88)Catch the Mouse – Galt Games Edition. Fair Condition.
      89)Quoridor – Gigamic Edition. Good Condition.
      90)Diamant – Schmidt Second Edition. Game board downloaded and mounted on
      chipboard. Very Good Condition.
      91)Dominant Species Card Game – GMT Games. Very Good Condition.
      92)You're Bluffing – Ravensburger. Cards still in shrink. Very Good Condition.
      93)Qwirkle Cubes – Mindware Edition. Very good condition.
      94)Starship Merchants – Toy Vault Edition. Very good condition.
      95)Siena – Z-Man Edition. Very Good Condition.
      96)Caylus Magna Carta – Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      97)Glen More – Rio Grande Edition. Very good condition.
      98)Jambo + both expansions – Rio Grande Games. Very good condition.
      99)Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer – Gary Games Edition. Cards sleeved.
      Very Good condition.
      100)Felix: The Cat In The Sack – Rio Grande. Very Good Condition.
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