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Lords of New York

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    Hi, this is Star. Some of you may not know me because I don t have as much time to game as I used to. The reason I ve been so busy for the last year is Lords
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 15, 2013
      Hi, this is Star.

      Some of you may not know me because I don't have as much time to game as I used to. The reason I've been so busy for the last year is 'Lords of New York'. 'Lords of New York' is an iOS/PC/Mac game that I've been working on at Lunchtime Studios. It's an adventure game with RPG elements about three card players set in prohibition era New York. As the game is about card players there's a lot of poker in the game - and I'm in charge of making the poker as amazing as possible. First of all my boss Dan Higgins (Empires, Empires Earth and one of the Sim City games) has made his own animation tool that let's us take a 2-D piece of art and animate it. I don't know all the details but it allows me to put tells on the opposing poker players. Second, the players have talents appropriate to the characters. Vince is a mafia captain and he's good at intimidation and cheating. Veronica is an investigative reporter and she's good at intuition and reading people. Tony is an undercover government agent who's good at probability and statistics. I haven't played every poker game on the planet (most of them though) but I don't know of another poker game with anything like that. It makes it accessible to new players and more interesting for experienced players.

      We launched on Kickstarter this morning.


      As you may or may not know, making games at a high caliber costs a lot of money. We have to pay for artists, voice actors, web designers and programmers. Everyone costs a lot of money. Except for me. Game designers don't get paid a lot apparently. We want to put out the best game we can. We have a great team and a lot of talent and really high standards. We're not going to release a game that we're not proud of.

      For more information on 'Lords of New York' visit http://lordsofnewyork.com/

      For more information on Lunchtime Studios visit http://lunchtimestudios.com/

      Thanks for reading.


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