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Re: [Unity_Games] Deep Discount Games?

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  • Dan Cashmore
    Hi all, I wanted to follow up to report on the end result of my transaction with Deep Discount Games. My experience ended up being very similar to Gary s:
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 4, 2013
      Hi all,

      I wanted to follow up to report on the end result of my transaction with
      Deep Discount Games. My experience ended up being very similar to Gary's:
      after lots of unanswered emails, I filed a dispute with PayPal, then called
      the DDG phone number. My first call was unanswered so I left a message
      (unreturned), but my second call was answered, and the guy there
      apologized and promised to send the package out that day, and forward the
      UPS tracking info. He did so, and the package arrived today.

      I too am glad to have the order in hand, but it has been an extremely
      frustrating experience with the lack of response, and to have to threaten
      to taking action via PayPal to get them to send an order that was paid for
      6 weeks ago. I would advise against ordering from DDG, at least until
      they've had time to improve their shipping/customer service.


      On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 8:24 AM, R Gary Cutbill <rgary@...> wrote:

      > My order was delivered yesterday. The order was complete and everything
      > was in
      > good condition.
      > On Friday, I made a second call to the company to inquire about my order.
      > (My first call
      > was not returned.) I was told that they were running short handed lately
      > with only one
      > employee instead of the usual three, and that my order should ship soon.
      > I explained
      > that I had a Paypal dispute open that was due to expire on Monday and that
      > I would
      > feel that I needed to escalate the dispute if I couldn't at least see a
      > tracking number.
      > The person I spoke to understood and obliged my request.
      > At all times the conversation was civil. I was disappointed by the
      > general lack of
      > responsiveness to my inquires, but I am satisfied by the final result.
      > -R. Gary
      > On 1/29/13 6:10 PM, Dan Cashmore wrote:
      > Hey Gary,
      > Thanks for the feedback. I ended up submitting an order because I was
      > hoping to get it before UG this past weekend (you guessed it: no package
      > before the weekend). When I placed the order (also on Jan 16,
      > coincidentally) I went through PayPal and had no trouble there, but since
      > then I'm experiencing issues similar to what you describe: no useful
      > tracking info on the website; no response to (so far just one) email.
      > The name on the PayPal account that I made payment to is "Fred
      > Distribution", which I know is affiliated with Gryphon Games, the company
      > that manufactures all the games on the Deep Discount site, which I thought
      > was a good sign. I guess it's possible that someone dishonest used that
      > name with PayPal and set up the site to lure unsuspecting gamers in, but
      > that seems unlikely to me, so I'm still expecting to eventually see my
      > order arrive, if later than promised by the site.
      > Of course, even if we both see our packages arrive soon, it's inexcusable
      > for them not to answer emails about order questions, especially when the
      > site itself is so unhelpful in this regard.
      > I'm about to email again; I'll post to this list again when I have
      > something to report, so that folks know whether the site just has poor
      > service or is a complete sham. For now though, I'd agree with Gary's
      > recommendation to not order there.
      > -Dan
      > On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 12:01 PM, R Gary Cutbill <rgary@...> wrote:
      >> Yes.
      >> I'd say they suck. I placed an order on Jan 16 but have received no
      >> information, other than an initial automated confirmation. The order was
      >> supposed to ship with free 7-day shipping. It's
      >> now 13 days later.
      >> When I placed my order, I initially planned to use paypal, but changed my
      >> mind and tried to submit credit card information, but was foiled by their
      >> web interface....it kept taking the details of my card, but giving me an
      >> inscrutable error message. Eventually I gave up and decided to think
      >> about whether I would resubmit my order or not. I got an order
      >> confirmation email from them and on checking discovered that they had show
      >> me as having paid by paypal, but paypal didn't show any record of the
      >> transaction.
      >> I sent them an email offering to either submit payment by paypal (if they
      >> would submit the charge that way) or to provide credit card information by
      >> phone if they wanted to call me or send me their number. I didn't get a
      >> reply to this email.
      >> Later, I found a place down in the "my account" section of their site
      >> that allowed me to submit the payment using paypal, which I did, and which
      >> was charged against my account. I sent a follow up email explaining that
      >> payment was made and again received no reply.
      >> At all times that I've looked, my order has shown as "processing" and
      >> "This order has already shipped or has reached the final stages of
      >> processing." There's no tracking information.
      >> On Jan 25, I sent a third email requesting information on my order with
      >> "REPLY REQUESTED" clearly in the subject. I have received NO REPLY.
      >> Since any returns or issues are supposed to be channeled through their
      >> "customer service" email address, I would strongly suggest that you avoid
      >> using them. I expect to have to go through paypal to request a refund on my
      >> payment.
      >> -R. Gary Cutbill
      >> On 1/15/13 11:05 PM, Dan Cashmore wrote:
      >> Hey all,
      >> Has anyone ever ordered from http://www.deep-discount-games.com/ ? I saw
      >> their ad on BGG, but wanted to see if anyone had experience with them
      >> before I ordered anything.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Dan
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