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Framingcon update/Superbowl/Mystery Hunt/Tuesday movie and more

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  • muttstain2
    It s less than 2 weeks until the next Framingcon gaming weekend (February 8th - 10th), and things are conspiring to keep me from getting ready. After a great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27 10:29 PM
      It's less than 2 weeks until the next Framingcon gaming weekend (February
      8th - 10th), and things are conspiring to keep me from getting ready. After
      a great time at Unity Games Saturday night, I arrived home to find that
      there was a water main break down the street and I had no water. This morning,
      the water was back, but I awoke to no heat. So I spent the morning on the
      phone with contractors rather than getting the house ready...

      On the bright side, as this is an official MENSA event, as well as being
      open to all members of Unity Games, Meetup and others, I am able to get a
      small stipend to help pay for Saturday night's dinner. I guess I'll be
      upgrading from the horsemeat burgers I usually cook for you guys :) Sorry John,
      because of all the vegetarians, the chili will still be meatless.

      As a reminder for everyone (and a first time to those of you I met at UG
      and have just added to the list), the weekend will feature plenty of games,
      movies, food, and all around fun. There is plenty of room for people to
      stay overnight. In addition to the multiple gaming tables, there is a full size
      pool table, and my 15 seat theater, available for cheesy movies, Rock
      Band, and Buzz. Dinner is provided on Saturday night, but snack and drink
      donations are welcomed. Saturday night, there will be a party game in the
      theater. Jerry is running it this time, and it has apparently morphed from a
      "Whose Line" style game to something more on the lines of "Jeopardy". I look
      forward to seeing how this will work for multiple player participation.
      Interest permitting, there will be a Texas Hold'em tournament.

      We start at 7:30 Friday night and run until Sunday at midnight or a bit
      later. Since we are usually up until at least 4:00 am, please do not arrive
      before noon on Saturday or Sunday. Please adhere to Framingham parking
      regulations, which for 2013 means park on the ODD side of the street (my side).

      I have had a couple of requests for rides from the Cambridge/Somerville
      area. Please let me know if you can help with this. Paul in particular would
      like to avoid the little mixup at the train station again...

      In other news, with the Patriots out of the running, I need to get a head
      count for Sunday. Are people still interested in doing a Superbowl party in
      the theater? I'd like to do a potluck style dinner at 5:30, as the game is
      at 6:30. Please RSVP for this event by Thursday, as I have an invitation to
      see the game elsewhere, and will cancel if there is not enough interest.

      I have also had a couple of requests to host an Oscar party. Please let me
      know what your interest is in this. With the Tuesday movies, the Thursday
      FRAGS gaming, the Superbowl party, Framingcon and the upcoming Mystery Hunt,
      I'm getting a bit overwhelmed in the hosting department. Bill is once
      again unable to host this year, but maybe someone else would like to

      A quick word on the Mystery Hunt - it is not anywhere near as hard as the
      MIT one. This is Alan Frank's Hunt, and I am just offering up my house as
      the location. Alf has been running these hunts for over 20 years. He used to
      write all the puzzles and host all the hunts at his house, but now the
      locations vary, and the puzzles are farmed out to a bunch of us to write. This
      is a low pressure, NON-COMPETITIVE hunt, and the idea is simply to have a
      good time. It will take place on March 9th, starting at 11:00 am. Anyone
      receiving this notice is welcome.

      Finally, we are on a streak of good cheesy movies on Tuesday nights. I had
      last week's title wrong which is why I thought I had stumped imdb. "I
      <Heart> Doomsday" was a sweet tale of a disfigured mad scientist trying to woo
      back his amnesiac, but formerly psychotic, assistant by means of a
      surrogate android.

      This week, a look into the world of low budget film making.


      From the DVD box, "Predators from Beyond Neptune" is a movie about
      Hollywood, Aliens, and Vodka.

      As always, the movie starts at 8:00. At 7:00, we wrap up "Alienated". The
      aliens have returned, but will they take the baby? This is the third really
      enjoyable series from Canada that we have watched over the past year.
      Upcoming pre-shows will include an alternate universe comedy from Australia, an
      adult oriented animated show about animals from the UK, and the holiday
      episode of "Holliston".

      That's it for now. There will be one more brief update to follow. I hope to
      see many of you in 2 weeks. If you need more info about any of these
      events, please feel free to email me.


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