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Framingcon this coming weekend - Oct 19th - 21st

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    I don t know where the time goes. The next Framingcon is less than a week away, and I really hope I can have everything ready in time. It s probably because of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2012
      I don't know where the time goes. The next Framingcon is less than a week
      away, and I really hope I can have everything ready in time.

      It's probably because of the cold weather, but every time I go to check my
      email for a couple of minutes, the cat jumps in my lap and goes to sleep.
      Three wasted hours later, I have bought another 10 movies and a couple of
      games online and gotten nothing done.

      New games continue to come in weekly. Donald X. Vaccarino's Gauntlet of
      Fools arrived this weekend, and while I am sure we will try it out at FRAGS
      on Thursday, it will get plenty of play during the party. With luck Tentacle
      Bento, the game that was banned from Kickstarter should be here this week
      as well, as I took advantage of the off books funding effort to get an early
      copy. _http://girls.sodapopminiatures.com/content/fund-tentacle-bento_

      Rob has once again graciously agreed to run the Saturday night party game.
      This one will be a bit different with short rounds involving only 4
      participants at a time, but he assures me that it will be fun for those in the
      audience as well.

      I will be picking up propane for the grill this week, and hopefully the
      weather will cooperate. A volunteer or two to help man the grill outside while
      I monitor the chili inside would be appreciated. I am really hoping to
      keep dinner on schedule for around 6:00 on Saturday so that the party game can
      actually start on time. One of these years, that may actually happen.

      In addition to the usual gaming and movies, there will be some birthday
      celebrations over the course of the weekend. On Sunday, some of us will be
      taking a break to watch the Patriots beat up on the Jets, and I'd like to do
      at least one small poker tournament.

      As always, this event is open to all members of FRAGS, Unity Games, MENSA
      and meetup. The festivities start at 7:30 on Friday night and will run
      through Sunday at midnight. Plenty of crash space is still available for people
      to stay over.

      For those of you who have yet to attend a FRAGS event or a movie night,
      this is the perfect chance to check us out. If you need further information or
      the address in Framingham, feel free to contact me.

      FRAGS continues to meet every Thursday at 7:30. We are still averaging
      around 12 - 15 people per week, and new members are always welcome.

      This week's Tuesday movie selection will be a black comedy with a ton of
      big name stars. _http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1682246/_

      As always the movie will start around 8:00. At 7:00, we'll be running the
      last 2 episodes :( of Todd and the book of Pure Evil, along with a
      tribute to all the deceased students from Crowley High.

      That's it for now. I hope to see many of you this coming weekend.


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