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A Kickstarter project for your consideration.

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  • hotc@walterhunt.com
    I m posting this entry to encourage all of you to consider a Kickstarter project: the next season of a podcast I listen to and enjoy - The Spiel. Over the past
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2012
      I'm posting this entry to encourage all of you to consider a Kickstarter
      project: the next season of a podcast I listen to and enjoy - The Spiel.

      Over the past year or so Kickstarter has become a very popular way for
      creative people to bring interesting projects to market. If you're
      interested in new and different games, as I am, it's one of the best ways
      to help bring the kind of games you like to market. I don't need to tell
      you that the gaming market has exploded recently; when UG got started, it
      was possible for any of us to keep up with just about everything that came
      out in the Euro world - to know what was worth playing, or buying, and
      what was not. BGG wasn't around when Unity got started; one of the great
      advantages of our community was the opportunity to use each other's
      opinions and experiences to shape our own purchase decisions. Today, we
      have a community that's bigger, worldwide, and more anonymous than ever
      before - we sometimes let people we've never met influence our opinions of
      games we've never seen.

      The number of projects on the site (http://www.kickstarter.com) is
      staggeringly large. Even just the game project list is huge. It's easy to
      overlook hidden gems; lots of great projects get lost in the shuffle. I'd
      like to bring a project to your attention that could use your support, and
      that needs your help - something I didn't happen upon, but have known
      about (and supported, both in and out of the Kickstarter world) for
      several years.

      I get my gaming news from a variety of sources, including BGG and fellow
      players, but I also listen to gaming podcasts. These vary in quality and
      reliability; like all such endeavors, they come and go. Some years ago I
      happened across The Spiel (http://thespiel.net), a well-produced,
      informative and entertaining podcast produced by two passionately
      enthusiastic gamers from Indianapolis, Stephen Conway and David Coleson.
      It appears twice a month, and has done so approximately 25 times a year
      for the last six years. They go to Origins and GenCon, and last year went
      to Essen (through a Kickstarter project); in addition to their audio
      presentations, they've recently started to offer video segments, and even
      produced an excellent full-length documentary on the game manufacturing
      process that you can view online (see http://vimeo.com/45796947), based on
      their trip to LudoFact, which is where a lot of the games we love are
      actually produced.

      The Spiel isn't just two guys and a microphone (or a camera) - it's become
      an interesting, twice-monthly offering of gaming news and views that gives
      a reasoned, intelligent, informative and entertaining look at games we
      play. I could list a dozen games at least that I've bought because of
      Stephen and David's experience, information or insight, and probably a
      dozen more that I haven't. Do I agree with all of their opinions? No, but
      I don't agree with the opinions of everyone on the UG list either. Tastes
      vary. But lots of different input is great, and I consider The Spiel's
      input as one of the most valuable when I look at buying new games.

      How can you get involved? Look at the project
      on Kickstarter. As with all such projects, there are a variety of funding
      levels and rewards; you can support the series and get tchockes including
      new Essen promos, games, or a DVD of the full-length film. But becoming a
      backer of this project primarily supports the ongoing production of a fine
      and worthwhile podcast, one that delivers quality entertainment and
      information twice a month or so and has done so for nearly six years. To
      confirm this for yourself, go over to their web site (http://thespiel.net)
      and listen to some recent episodes. They're currently doing a review of
      GenCon in three two-hour segments with designer interviews.

      Finally a disclaimer. I'm not a part of the podcast, but I know Stephen
      and David from conventions and from opportunities to game with them. I've
      been a Spiel backer for years, just as I've been a BGG subscriber for
      years - not because of the backer rewards, but because I believe the
      content is more than worth the modest amount I put toward its
      continuation. I hope some of you will consider helping this Kickstarter
      project because you'll find that to be true in the case as well.


      Walter H. Hunt
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