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****Selling Off Large Game Collection****

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  • chefdave28
    DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS LIST. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY VIA THE LINK. I am selling off a large selection of my game collection but I don t want to go through the
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      I am selling off a large selection of my game collection but I don't want to go through the process of selling it off piecemeal on BGG or via Ebay. I am simply tired of tracking auctions and packing boxes. But I have too many games. So here is the deal: if you want to buy the games, you have to buy, take the whole lot, and come pick them up. I am not partitioning off any section and I am not shipping the games. I live in the metro Boston area.

      Bonus: The first person to buy the lot and take delivery by 7/1 will receive a signed limited edition copy of A Few Acres of Snow.

      Cost for the Whole Lot: $1,000 (will accept cash or Paypal transfer)

      ** Unless noted, the condition of all games is excellent.***

      Brass – Warfrog 1st edition.
      Chicago Express plus Erie/Narrow Railways Expansion
      London – Treefrog Limited Signed Edition
      Through the Ages – Eagle Games. Latest edition and printing. Opened but never played.
      Middle Earth Quest – FFG, opened but never played
      Age of Steam – Warfrog 1st edition. Played copy. Some underlining of the rules.
      Perikles – Warfrog Games
      Shogun – Queen Games
      Giants – Asmodee
      Cyclades – Asmodee
      Titan – Avalon Hill. Very Good Condition.
      Dominion Alchemy – Sleeved cards
      Dominion Seaside – Sleeved cards
      Dominion Cornucopia – half cards sleeved
      Through the Dessert – FFG games. Played copy. Some shelf wear.
      Attika – Rio Grande Games
      Amun Re – Rio Grande Games
      Carcassone – Rio Grande Games
      Hacienda – Rio Grande Games
      Hansa – Uberplay
      Taj Mahal – Rio Grande Games
      Tower of Babel – Rio Grande Games
      Hellas – Rio Grande Games
      Magna Grecia – Rio Grande Games
      Shadows Over Camelot – Days of Wonder
      Roll Through The Ages – Gryphon Games
      Snow Tails – Asmodee
      Tahuantinsuyu – Hangman Games, Limited Edition, Never Played
      Money – Gryphon Games
      Catan: The Card Game – Mayfair Games
      Rheinlander – Face 2 Face Games
      Acquire – Avalon Hill 1995 Edition (New In Shrink) – not the 1999 version but the one with variations
      Go Set – Ishi Press. Wooden Board with Glass Stones. Very nice set.
      Basari – Out of Box Games
      Siena – Z-Man Games
      Liar's Dice – Milton Bradley. All dice are present and in good condtion.
      Take It To The Limit – Burley Games
      Cities – Emma Games
      Blokus – Educational Insights
      Scary Tales – Playroom Entertainment – Little Red Riding Hood vs. Pinochio, Snow White vs. Giant
      Train of Thought – Tasty Minstrel Games

      Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition – the ring is present as well as all the pieces
      Star Trek: The Game – New and In Shrink
      Sequence – JAX Games
      Monopoly Deluxe – Hasbro – Wooden Pieces Edition. Split Corner. Pieces all present.
      Map for Settlers of Catan
      Strata 5 – Milton Bradley
      Yeti Slalom – Amigo Spiele Edition
      Sneeze – Cambridge Game Factory
      Corruption – Rio Grande Games
      Square Off – Parker Brothers (Alex Rudolph Game)
      Quests of the Round Table – Gamewright Games
      Big Boggle – Parker Brothers (Not Challenge Cube Version) Timer Replaced, Split Corners
      Dragon Hunt – CCG Game Starter Pack
      Easy Money – Milton Bradley. Two split corners.
      Facts in Five – 3M Sleeved Version
      Feudal – 3M sleeved Version. Missing two pieces. One brown and one light green. Unless you plan to play with 5 or 6 players it is fine.
      Waterworks – Parker Brothers – includes pipes and tub
      Triopoly Dice – Cadaco
      Heroscape Marvel Edition – Missing Spider Man, rules, not sure if all terrain is present but looks nearly so.
      Five Crowns
      Hit or Miss
      221b Baker Street
      Wits & Wagers – Not all pens work but can be replaced from North Star Games
      Dragon's Gold – Decartes Edition
      Big Foot – Milton Bradley (Might be missing one big foot disk but doesn't affect play)
      Castle Keep – Gamewright Games (Missing one red wall tile but won't affect play if a replacement is used)
      Power Puff Girls – Hasbro Craig Van Ness Game. All Pieces Present.
      Battleball – Hasbro – Very Good Condition. All parts present.
      Inner Circle – Milton Bradley. All parts present.
      Digging – Hexagames Edition of Reiner Knizia's Desperados. English rules provided. Not text on cards.
      Battling Tops – Ideal Games 1968 version. A couple of broken tops but most are still present. All strings missing. Board in excellent shape.
      Pente – Parker Brothers Board Edition
      Tip-It – Ideal Games Edition. I think one or two weights are missing but can be replaced with metal washers. I have not played the game.
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