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FRAMINGCON is next weekend June 8th-10th in Framingham

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Less than a week away, and I am working hard to get the house in order. Ryan moved out today (but hopefully will be back for the party), and Brian will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2012
      Less than a week away, and I am working hard to get the house in order.
      Ryan moved out today (but hopefully will be back for the party), and Brian will
      be moving in this week. The first two roommates lasted over 17 years, now I
      am going through new ones very quickly. Brian's wife did get the job in DC,
      and he will be joining her, so he will be staying here for only a few
      months, which means I'll need another tenant in the fall. Please keep eyes and
      ears open.

      Because I have been buying far too many games lately, I need to start
      getting rid of some of the old ones (and some of the new ones I don't like). I
      have posted a bunch of them to the Unity Games list, so feel free to take a
      look. In addition to the ones listed, I forgot to list the Stone Age Expansion
      from Spielbox Magazine. I paid $15 for it a few years ago, but it is now
      included in the new expansion (and in fact it is the only part of the new
      expansion that is any good). So I now have an extra set (and George does too),
      so feel free to make an offer on them.

      As for the party, things start at 7:30 on Friday night, and run through
      Sunday night around 2:00 am. As always, dinner will be provided on Saturday. I
      may actually have gotten a job (the last correspondence I had said that when
      the guy comes back from his trip, he wants to talk to me about a start
      date), but even if it is the 11th, that should not change anything. Sleep is
      overrated, although I will ask people not to arrive before noon on Saturday and
      Sunday, as we will likely be playing games until around 6:00 am and I get
      even crankier when I have no sleep at all.

      I am cleaning out the old video room to use as another guest bedroom, and
      there still should be room for a few more people to stay over. I am still
      not sure whether Brian's daughter will be using the main guest room yet, but
      we'll make it work.

      Jerry will be running the Saturday night party game. He has promised that
      it will be similar in format to Haste Worte. Let's hope he can run things
      nearly as well as Rob has done in the past.

      For those who have not attended a Framingcon before, feel free to contact
      me for more information. The event is an excuse for about 50 or so people to
      get together for the weekend to play with my 100's of games, shoot pool on
      my regulation table, and watch movies in my 15-seat theater. This event is
      open to all members of FRAGS, Unity Games, Mensa, Meetup, and their friends.

      One more update will follow mid-week. I know a bunch of people can't make
      it, but I hope to the rest of you. And don't forget the one-day bonus
      Framingcon on the 16th for the people who are out of town this weekend.


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