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Update: Framingcon June 8th-10th/Framingcon mini June 16th/This Tuesday's movie

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    We are less than a month away from the next Framingcon, and as always, a bunch of new games have just arrived, with more on the way. None of the other
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2012
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      We are less than a month away from the next Framingcon, and as always, a
      bunch of new games have just arrived, with more on the way. None of the other
      Cockroach games are as good as Cockroach Poker, and most are just plain
      silly, but I bought them, so someone is going to have to play them with me.
      Dixit Jinx is also not as good as the original, but the new entry into the 6
      Nimmt/11 Nimmt family was quite enjoyable.
      I have also just ordered a rare out of print German game from the designer
      of Settlers of Catan, and I hope it will be here by the party.

      In our last order, Brian bought a bunch of interesting dice games from
      Amazon Germany that I now want, so I will be trying to place another order in
      the next week or so. Shipping is still a flat $20 regardless of the number of
      games, so the more the better. Please let me know ASAP if you want anything.

      If anyone wants to volunteer to do the Saturday party game for June 9th,
      please let me know quickly. Once again, Rob did a great job with his
      audio/video game for the last party, and this will be tough to top. If nobody is
      willing, I'll throw something together, and you may not like it (Not sure if
      that's a plea for help or a threat, but maybe it will work.)

      As always, there will be plenty of room for people to stay over. Ryan is
      moving out at the end of May, and the new tenants are moving in their stuff
      June 1st, but their old lease does not expire until the 30th, so there may
      even be a bit of extra space (though they will likely be here for the games).

      For the main Framingcon, dinner will be provided on Saturday night. Unless
      the grass grows above the porch and becomes a fire hazard (I'll get a new
      lawnmower one of these days), we'll grill burgers and hot dogs outside For the
      mini Framingcon the week after, we'll order out pizzas.

      These events are open to all members of FRAGS, Unity Games, MENSA, Meetup,
      and their friends. If you need more info, please feel free to email me.

      I'm going to be lazy now and instead of sending this to the separate movie
      group, I'll include it here:

      Unfortunately for everyone, I did not want to wait until Tuesday and I
      watched STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES tonight. It's the British answer to ZOMBIE
      STRIPPERS and also features Robert Englund.

      So instead, we will be showing a rare, out of print black comedy. I had to
      pay over $20 for this one, and I hope it's as good as I've been led to

      ALL ABOUT EVIL features Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, and Cassandra
      Peterson (Elvira).


      The movie starts at 8:00. We'll finish up the 2nd season of ARCHER at
      7:00. Starting next week, the preshow will be season one of TODD AND THE BOOK OF
      PURE EVIL.

      That's it for now. Another update to follow in a couple of weeks. I'm doing
      two events, so I hope most of you can make it to at least one of them.


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