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Game Day at The Buttery (Dorchester MA) this Sunday, May 13

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  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    GAME DAY AT THE BUTTERY All good things must come to an end. This Sunday is our last game day of the season. We re staying with the 3pm start but as usual you
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2012

      All good things must come to an end. This Sunday is our last game day of
      the season. We're staying with the 3pm start but as usual you can arrive
      any time and we will get you into a game.

      Yes, it's Mother's Day, so some of you may have family obligations. And
      some of you might be going to the Steampunk Festival. Even if you are
      doing those things you can come by in the evening.

      Political note: the new management of the Arnold Arboretum decided to
      banish the morris dancers from Lilac Sunday and make it a
      "plant-centric" event. I am urging everybody I know not to attend Lilac
      Sunday, in the hope that the Arboretum people will see an empty park,
      understand the horrible mistake they have made, and beg us to return
      next year.

      Who: Anyone who enjoys playing board games, word games, cards, chess,
      checkers, backgammon, silly games, etc.

      When: SECOND Sunday of each month, October through May, starting at 3pm
      and continuing until late. (Things usually break up somewhere between
      10pm and midnight.) This month, it's May 13.

      Where:The Buttery, Dorchester MA. Reply for directions.

      What: Games such as mentioned above. Your favorite games, if you bring
      them and others want to play. We have several tables for simultaneous
      gaming, including one large table. We also have plenty of floor space
      for games that need to spread out We can provide small rooms for
      Diplomacy negotiations or quieter gaming.

      Why: Just for the fun of it, of course!


      Absolutely no smoking! No animals other than service animals.

      We'll supply some soft drinks and chips. If you need your favorite snack
      or tipple to enjoy yourself, feel free to bring it -- but no hard
      liquor, please.

      Some time in the evening (usually around 6) we'll send out for pizza
      and/or other snacks. Be prepared to pay for what you eat. If you prefer
      you can bring your own food; we have a stove for cooking and a microwave
      oven for reheating.

      Well behaved children of all ages are welcome, but the house is NOT
      childproof. Children too young to join in the general games are
      encouraged to bring their own quiet amusements or books. Children who
      distract or annoy their parents and/or other gamers are not particularly

      Since the first games will form up about 3pm, arriving then will
      increase your chances of getting in on a game you like. If you're
      looking to play a long game (18xx, the Silverton campaign game,
      Civilization, Source of the Nile... and yes, we have all of those)
      you'll definitely want to arrive early, and perhaps recruit a few
      like-minded people before you arrive. If you can't come until later in
      the day you're still welcome; new games start throughout the afternoon
      and evening.

      Questions? Comments? Write mark@...
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