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Re: [Unity_Games] Important message from Zeppo

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  • Craig B
    My sincerest condolences on the terrible news.  I also have not heard of that tumor type.  My first reaction was that it was the same as I had
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2012
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      My sincerest condolences on the terrible news.  I also have not heard of that tumor type.  My first reaction was that it was the same as I had (Osteosarcoma), but that tends to strike people older than her (usually the 12-25 range).  I will say that the Boston hospitals are amazing and helped me beat my cancer and I know they'll help Zoe beat hers too.  

      Keeping you and Zoe in my thoughts.
      - Craig

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      From: Zeppo Young <zeppo.young@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 2:59 PM
      Subject: [Unity_Games] Important message from Zeppo

      Dear Friends and Family,

      Some of you may already know about my daughter Zoë.  The day after
      Christmas, Zoë was taken to the emergency room in town because she
      was acting extremely fussy and inconsolable.  We were hoping that the
      doctors would send us home with a colicy baby, but not true.  Within a few
      hours, Zoë was taken by ambulance to Umass Medical Center in Worcester and
      eventually the Boston Children's Hospital.  She had a battery of tests that
      included blood work, CT scans, ultrasounds, and xrays.

      The tests showed that her blood count was critically low and she had a
      tumor in her abdomen.  The next few days were torture to my wife and I
      because of the uncertainty of her illness.  More tests were done.  She had
      IVs and an arterial line put in both hands and wrists.  She's only two
      months old and it was really difficult to draw blood from her, so they put
      in a PICC line in her right arm.  When the results from biopsies of the
      tumor and her bone marrow finally came back, we were brought into a
      conference room to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan.  The doctors
      at BCH diagnosed her with a malignant rhabdoid tumor.

      I had not heard of this particular tumor prior to our discussion.  It is
      extremely rare and very aggressive.  We would start chemotherapy
      immediately.  In fact, as we discussed her health and treatment, the
      doctors already had people working on putting together the correct dosages
      of chemotherapy medications.

      As I write this email, Zoë has been in the Children's Hospital for over a
      week.  She's has had blood drawn everyday and has had multiple blood
      transfusions.  I spoke with my wife, Laura, a little while ago and they
      were preparing to take her downstairs to get an MRI of her brain.

      You can see how I've welcomed the new year.  I ask you keep baby Zoë in
      your prayers for a fast recovery.  Part of the treatment plan requires 30
      weeks of chemotherapy and once the tumor is of a more manageable size, she
      will have surgery to remove it.

      A lot of people have asked what more can they do.  If you are able to
      donate blood, though it may not help Zoë directly, it will save someone's
      life.  Please donate. There is also a 50/50 raffle happening now through
      the end of January to help defray the medical expenses that are rapidly
      accruing.  If you are able to buy some raffle tickets and would like to do
      so, please let me know and I'll tell you more about that.  Tickets are a
      dollar apiece or 6 tickets for 5 dollars.  There are other fundraisers now
      being hosted by various awesome friends on facebook.  Frankly, I am
      uncomfortable asking anyone for financial help, but in this case, my
      daughter is fighting for her life and I will accept any help I can get from

      If you want to follow Zoë's treatments and progress, friend me on facebook,
      if we are not already friends.  Updates are made daily.  I appreciate your
      support and prayers.  I am determined to see Zoë through cancer and quickly
      on the road to recovery.  Someday I want to celebrate the holidays with a
      happy and healthy daughter.

      Thank you for you support!



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    • Bruce Heroux
      Dear Zeppo, I am sorry to hear of your daughter s illness.  I have had close friends both suffer and recover from cancer.  One thing that seems to be the
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 5, 2012
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        Dear Zeppo,
        I am sorry to hear of your daughter's illness.  I have had close friends both suffer and recover from cancer.  One thing that seems to be the cure is hope and positive mental attitude.  I am befriending you on facebook and will help you as much as I can.  When you ask God for help you just have to look around it might be right in front of you.  Some people pray and pray, but unless your chin is not up you won't see love and support right next to you.  I will pray for you and your beautiful little daughter. Send me a message on facebook and we'll gather some help, okay?

        Bruce Heroux

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