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Games For Sale: Unity Games Pickup

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  • chefdave28
    Here is a list of games that I am selling to be picked up at Unity Games this February. I plan on being there from first thing in the morning until about 7 or
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      Here is a list of games that I am selling to be picked up at Unity Games this February. I plan on being there from first thing in the morning until about 7 or 8 in the evening. All the games listed will be on a first come first serve basis. You can email me what you would like to purchase. DO NOT EMAIL THE GROUP.

      MY EMAIL:

      Cash in person at Unity Games

      I have provided information about most of the games but if you have a question, please let me know.

      $5 Dollars
      Mag-Blast 3rd Edition (played once)
      Bridge Troll (played once)
      Leonardo da Vincin (punched but not played)
      Ninja vs. Ninja (played once)
      Bonnie and Clyde (played three times)
      Quicksand (played once)
      Digging (HexGames Edition, some shelf wear)
      Roma (played a couple of times)
      Rumis (some shelf wear)
      Sneeze (CGF 1st Edition, played once)
      Manitou (Goldsieber, some shelf wear)
      The Powerpuff Girls: Saving the World Before Bedtime (some shelf wear and dings)

      $8 Dollars
      Death Angel (played once)
      Mykerinos (some shelf wear)
      Colossal Arena (played once)

      $10 Dollars
      Battleball (some shelf wear)
      Priests of Ra (Rio Grande Edition, played once)
      Hera and Zeus (Rio Grande/Kosmos, played three times)
      Filipino Fruit Market (Black Box Edition played twice)
      Rootword (played twice)
      Organic Soup (played once)
      La Strada (Mayfair Edition, played three times)
      Dos Rios (Mayfair Games Edition, played twice, some shelf wear)
      La Citta (Rio Grande Edtion, Box Has Significant Wear, No Insert)
      Oltre Mare (Rio Grande Edition, some shelf wear)
      Venture (3M Sid Sackson, Butterbox Edtion, some shelf wear)
      Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition (some shelf wear, slightly dinged box)
      Risk: Star Wars the Clone Wars (some shelf wear, one split corner has been repaired)

      $15 Dollars
      Reef Encounter (Z-Man Games Edition, some shelf wear)
      Siesta (Goldsieber, some shelf wear)
      Vegas Showdown (opened but never played)
      Star Trek: The Game (sealed in shrink)
      Day & Night (played twice)
      Bootleggers (Eagle Games Edition, One Dinged Corner, some shelf wear)
      Fortress Europa (Avalon Hill game, unpunched, some shelf wear and tape on two edges)
      Municipium (Valley Games Edition, some shelf wear)
      Phoenicia (JKLM Edition, some shelf wear)
      Siena (some shelf wear)
      Terra Prime (TMG Edition, Signed, 1st Edition, punched but not played)
      Traders of Genoa (Rio Grande Edition, some shelf wear)
      Two by Two (Valley Games Edition, played twice)
      Die Goldene Stadt (Kosmos Edition with English Rules, Language Independent, Played three times, cards sleeved)

      $20 Dollars
      Tribune plus Expansion (opened but never played)
      Supervova (Valley Games Edition, played once)
      Sylla (Rio Grande Edition, played once)
      Iron Horse (db Spiele Edition, some shelf wear)
      Betrayal at House on the Hill (New Edition with Replacement Tiles)
      Tobago (Rio Grande Edition, played three times)
      Supernova (Valley Games Edition, some shelf wear)
      Tahuantinsuyu (Hangman Games Limited Edition #56, game has not been played, some shelf wear, crayon slightly marked inner box)

      $25 Dollars
      Aladdin's Dragons (Rio Grande Edition, some shelf wear)
      Chaos in the Old World (punched and dials added, never played)
      Odin's Raves (Rio Grande Editon, some shelf wear)
      Pirate's Cove (Day's of Wonder, some shelf wear)
      Thebes (Queen Games Edition, some shelf wear)
      Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (New In-Shrink)
      Monopoly: Pokemon (New In-Shrink, 1999 Collector's Edition)

      $30 Dollars
      Fjords (Rio Grande Edition, played twice)
      Africa (Goldsieber Edition, played twice)
      Attika (Rio Grande Edition, played three times, some shelf wear)

      Twilight Imperium $60 (split corner that has been repaired with water based glue. Player aids have all been laminated)
      Java $50 (Rio Grande Edition, one dinged corner, some shelf wear, opened and punched but never played)
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