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Framingcon October 28th-30th - Final reminder

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Now that the Zombie Invasion has been repelled from my house, I need to get back to preparing things for this coming weekend. I have now been running this
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2011
      Now that the Zombie Invasion has been repelled from my house, I need to get
      back to preparing things for this coming weekend.

      I have now been running this gaming and movie weekend for over 25 years. At
      3-4 times a year, we are approaching the 100th one of these. As if turning
      50 didn't already make me feel old...

      Before I get into more details, I wanted to again thank all who
      participated in my 50th birthday celebration on Saturday (and kept me completely in the
      dark), and especially to Pete for all the hard work he put into this. The
      video of the festivities should be available for everyone to see at the party.

      As always, this event is open to all members of UNITY GAMES, FRAGS, MENSA,
      MEETUP, and pretty much anyone who likes to play games or watch cheesy
      movies. The festivities begin at 7:30 on Friday night and run through until
      midnight Sunday.

      Once I get the rest of the blood off the windows and walls, the house
      should be in pretty good shape. The theater is almost ready. After over 2 hours
      of programming, reprogramming, and cursing, my new Harmony Remote now works
      the way the old one did before it broke. BUZZ and (hopefully) Rock Band will
      be available when the theater is not being used for movies.

      Dinner on Saturday night will include vegetarian chili, hot dogs, and
      hamburgers. In addition to my regular crockpot for the chili, I now have an
      additional triple crockpot set (thanks George), so I may try to do a couple of
      different heat levels, or maybe even a separate topping or 2.

      Saturday night after dinner, Rob will once again be running the party game.
      This one will be a bit different than in the past. Even though we will all
      be participating at the same time, it will be an individual rather than team
      event. The game will take place in the theater, and involve audio and video
      puzzles. He has assured me that this game will be shorter than usual, which
      should allow us to get the Poker tournament started at a reasonable time.

      I have gotten a bunch of new games recently, most good, a couple not so
      much. I should also have the King of Tokyo expansion from BGG in time for the
      party. People can also preview some of the cards that may or may not have
      made the cut for the new Ascension expansion coming next month. (There's a few
      I really hope are not in there, and I have already taken them out of my set).

      While I have 100's of games, I don't own everything (though I am trying),
      so if you really want to play something and think I may not have it, feel
      free to bring it along. Also, though not required, food and drink donations are
      always appreciated.

      As I have been invited to 4 other Halloween parties for Saturday, and the
      MENSA Regional Gathering is also this weekend, I expect a slightly smaller
      crowd than usual, so feel free to invite your friends. Halloween costumes are
      welcomed though not required.

      If you want more information, or need the address, feel free to email me.
      As always, if you feel you are getting this email in error, please let me
      know and I will remove you from this list.

      I hope to see most of you this weekend.


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