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Looking to meet new people who like Sci-fi and play CCGs

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  • Zeppo Young
    The Game Hull Breach! is a new and unique game brought to you by NSB Games, a gaming company based in Rhode Island. Hull Breach! is a Collectible Card Game
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2011
      The Game

      Hull Breach! is a new and unique game brought to you by NSB Games, a gaming
      company based in Rhode Island.

      Hull Breach! is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) with wargaming tendencies � it
      takes everything we love about the two genres and presents it in one neat
      and affordable package.

      Players � we call them Commanders � can head over to their local game store
      or our online shop and buy a pre-constructed deck of Hull Breach! cards.
      Crack the pack open and you�re armed with almost everything you need to play
      a game � the only other thing you�ll need is a handful of ten-sided dice.

      A deck of Hull Breach! cards consists of 55 cards: a Station, two
      Module-Station cards, two Stockpile cards, and 50 others. In a
      pre-constructed deck we have provided you with a healthy and effective mix
      of the different card types you�ll need to wage war against your opponents.
      They are Modules, Marines, Ships, Events, Tactics, and Breakthrus. Once you
      have a few games under your belt you can mix and match cards from different
      decks to create your very own personalized fighting force!

      Some cards are rarer than others of their same type � that�s where the
      �Collectible� part comes in. Not every Commander will get his or her hands
      on a formidable Phoenix Dreadnaught!

      The object of the game is to protect your Station � your home in space- from
      other Commanders while trying to capture or destroy theirs. Be warned �
      they�re trying to do the same thing to you.

      There are many paths to victory in a game of Hull Breach! � are you the
      Commander who favors quantity over quality, or will you equip your ships
      with the latest, greatest, and most expensive technology that you can? Are
      you the Commander who relies on highly-trained Marines to take his
      opponent�s ships with daring close-quarters assaults, or do you prefer to
      stay in the shadows, manipulating events from afar? All these strategies and
      many more can be effective.

      But just building your deck to fit the strategy you�ve decided on isn�t
      enough. Hull Breach! uses ten-sided dice to determine most results, from
      initiative rolls to weapons fire. Just because your Dreadnaught packs an
      impressive weapons array, they�re not always guaranteed to hit their target!
      You must also manage an economy with two elements to make sure you can
      afford your ships, guns, Marines, or technology. Lastly, you must rely on a
      bit of luck to draw the cards you need. Not every Commander gets exactly
      everything he needs on the eve of a battle � sometimes you need to make do
      with a bit of wit and audacity when your supply lines fail you.

      Hull Breach! was designed to offer players a unique and fun experience that
      can be as casual or as hyper-detailed as you want it to be. Grab a deck, and
      we�ll see you out there in the stars!

      Zeppo Young, CMO
      NSB Games, Inc

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