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Gaming/Movie weekend Reminder - June 24th - 26th in Framingham

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Apparently I had some email issues, and for some reason not everyone received the first notification about the party, or the 2nd (though some received the
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      Apparently I had some email issues, and for some reason not everyone
      received the first notification about the party, or the 2nd (though some
      received the 2nd and not the first). I don't have any idea what happened. In any
      event, if you do not receive this one, please email me back and let me know

      The party starts at 7:30 on Friday night the 24th and runs through at least
      midnight on Sunday the 26th. A couple of beds have already been claimed,
      but there's still room for people to stay over.

      The dumpster was finally removed this week, signaling the end of the
      construction. The air conditioning in the new game room still needs to be
      adjusted, but the upstairs unit is working great and those game tables and the
      theater are quite comfortable. I still have a bunch of boxes of toys to
      unpack, but the games are all back on shelves, the movies and TV box sets are up
      and available, there's a grill on the porch, and new batteries in the BUZZ

      New games continue to come in every week, and I have a bunch of old games
      to get rid of. I will make these available via trade or in some cases as
      door prizes throughout the weekend. More details on this to follow later.

      Kimberly will be running the Saturday night party game this time, and there
      will still be a poker tournament, time to be determined. As always, dinner
      will be provided on Saturday night.

      It was pointed out to me recently that "Gaming/Movie weekend" is boring,
      generic, and not a good name for these events. For years, starting when this
      party was co-hosted by Marc and me in Westboro, the weekend was known as
      "Trashcon". Back then the focus was more on cheesy movies, with a bit of
      gaming. Now the emphasis is more on gaming, with the movies secondary.

      So a quick poll - Should the name go back to "Trashcon"? Do you have a
      better name for it? If someone can come up with a great name for these
      weekends, you can win one of my old games. (Remember "The Gathering", "Unit Games"
      and "Lobster Trap" are already taken).

      A couple of other quick notes where I now ask for your help.

      After 17 years, I am losing one of my tenants. Seth has bought a house and
      will be moving out. I am looking for a new tenant beginning August 1st, but
      I don't want some random person I don't know - been there, done that. If
      you or someone you know is trustworthy, a non-smoker, OK with cats, games,
      and clutter, and need a place to live, please let me know. For only $500 a
      month (including utilities), you will have your own room, your own bathroom,
      and complete run of the house including the movie theater.

      Secondly, my unemployment runs out next week. If anyone knows of a company
      looking for a good accountant, please let me know. I am lowering my
      expectations on salary, but I would prefer something within a half hour of

      Anyway, that's it for now. As always, this event is open to all friends,
      friends of friends, members of MENSA, Unity Games, and Meet-up, and anyone
      else who has something to add to the proceedings.

      For more info or directions, please feel free to contact me.


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